Madboojah Project & The Incredible Rajasthan Gypsies playing live at the Barby

Two mesmerizing live shows in one night

¬†Madboojah Project, arguably the most popular ethno –¬†electric band in Israel and globally acclaimed¬†¬†Shye Ben Tzur and The Rajasthan Gypsies, currently in Israel on a sell out concert tour, ¬†have teamed up to offer music¬†fans a ‘one¬†show only’ mega performance¬†at the Barby Wednesday 10th November.¬†¬†

Celebrating the release of their second album, Madboojah Project, enjoy a huge following both locally and abroad. They  combine styles and gain inspiration from Eastern Europe, Jamaica and Ireland & infuse phat beats to create a powerful uplifitng electronic party vibe. Couple that with Shye Ben Tzur & The Rajastani Gypsies  mesmerizing fusion of magical melodies and exotic sounds from different traditions and cultures, this event will be nothing short of spectacular.

Its a privledge to see these two amazing groups perform under the same roof, in one show. Go  join the party, go be inspired, go  let your hair down, go and enjoy an night of absolute quality entertainment.

When:  Wednesday 10th November

Where:  The Barby Tel Aviv, Kibutz Galuyot

Doors Open:  20: 00 pm  Show Starts: 21.00 pm

Cost:  Pre -Sale 100 nis          On the door: 120 nis

For Bookings OR More Information:  052- 3499 565   OR  054-4280 370

Tel Aviv Hosts Indian Music Extravaganza

Shye Ben-Tzur & The Incredible Rajasthan Gypsies Tour Israel With Their


¬†‘Rajasthan Magical Tour’¬† It’s the name on¬†the lips of music lovers across the nation¬†at the moment. Absolutely everyone is¬†talking about it. ¬†Or at least it¬†seems that way.¬† No matter where¬†I go in Tel Aviv, I hear people excitedly talking about the upcoming Oct- Nov concerts. On the bus, the train, a cafe, a yoga class, honestly, its like the buzz word¬†in the city right now.

After a hugely successful sell out concert on their last visit to the holyland,¬†¬†Israels’ music¬†fans¬†are beside themselves¬†with excitement at having the¬†opportunity once again to be mesmerised by this truly enchanting¬† ensemble¬†of musical talent.¬†

Shye Ben-Tzur, a talented Israeli composer, producer and musician living in India, creates his music by combining traditional Sufi sounds, Rajasthani beats and Western elements.¬† The¬†mix of genres, languages and beats¬†totally captivates and entrances¬†all who have the privledge to listen.¬† ‘It is a¬†thrilling experience to attend one of these performances, its incredibly moving ‘ is one womans explanation of¬† her last Shye Ben-Tzur concert experience.¬†

Both¬†local and global¬†music critics enthusiastically¬†agree¬†without doubt, that Shye¬†is one of the most original and exciting cross-cultural artists working today.¬†‘He leads the exceptional musicians from India and Israel with talent and charm, in performances that leave you spellbound, wanting more’¬†¬†said one critic.

In Tel Aviv, Shye Ben-Tzur & The Incredible Rajasthan Gypsies are performing at  Zappa  on Saturday, October 30th as part of the Tel Aviv Music Festival.  doors open 9.00pm  concert starts 10pm.  

By popular demand, thankfully,¬†there’s¬†more than one concert in Israel this time.¬†Performances will be held¬†at a number of¬†venues around the nation. And¬†much to the delight of¬† local musicians, ¬†there’s also an opportunity to attend an intimate hands-on vocal/beat workshop & encounter with Shye Ben-Tzur and the Rajasthani musicians beforeone of ¬†the concerts.¬†¬†¬†

So do get on and book your tickets pronto, word on the street is, this is one concert you dont want to miss.

You can purchase tickets all their concerts in Israel through Mister Ticket  or by calling the venues direct.  Concert venues, dates and ticket booking information are listed below.

Tour Dates, Locations  & Booking Information

Saturday Oct 30th 

 Zappa   Tel Aviv   (standing concert)
Doors Open 21:00   Concert begins 22:00

99NIS in advance, 119NIS at entrance

Thursday Nov 4th 

Pitriya  Kibbutz Dan  (standing concert)
Doors open 22:00   Concert Begins 23:00

65NIS in advance (student), 70NIS in advance, 80NIS at entrance


Saturday Nov 6th   

Berale    Lehavot Haviva Kibbutz  (standing concert)
Doors open 20:00   Concert Begins 22:00  

89NIS in advance, 109NIS at entrance


Tuesday Nov 9th   

Baroque ¬†Be’er Sheva¬† (standing concert)
Doors Open 21:00   Concert begins 22:00

59NIS in advance (first 100tks), 69NIS in advance, 89NIS at entrance


Friday Nov 12th     

 Hemdat Yamim Рnear Moshav Sheffer on the way to Zefat

(intimate acoustic concert at sundown in one of  most beautiful places in Israel)

Doors open 16:00   Concert Begins 17:00  
Hemdat Yamim 80NIS in advance (70NIS for students/soldiers), 90NIS at entrance

*Vocal/beat workshop & encounter with Shye Ben-Tzur and the Rajasthani musicians Рunique opportunity for an intimate hands-on workshop before the concert     Meeting @ 13:00  Start 14:00

Workshop for concert ticket-holders 40NIS
Workshop alone 80NIS

Tickets for all concerts may also be purchased  at MisterTicket

For more Information or bookings also call  052-7782712

Israel Yoga Retreat in English

‘ Self¬† Transformation through Yoga ‘¬†


prasad Rangnekar retreat in israel

Prasad Rangnekar teaching @ yogakulu vienna austria

Internationally renowned Yoga teacher, Prasad Rangnekar is in Israel to lead a retreat called ‘Self Transformation through Yoga’ organised by the Israel Yoga Teachers Association.¬†¬†He will also lead classes in¬†pranayama, asana, meditation and love and devotion in various locations around the country and both the retreat and the classes will be taught in English.¬†¬†

The retreat, Prasad explains is a¬†¬†correct mix of¬† Yoga movements, Yogic Trance, Silence, Meditations, Breath work and interesting discussions on the ancient Yogic Scriptures.¬† ‚ÄėThe overall atmosphere of this retreat ‘ he says ‘¬†is non-competitive and relaxed. The¬†emphasis being on¬†enjoyment and understanding rather than effort, so there’ll¬†be time for personal reflection and time too, to simply enjoy the beautiful nature of Israel’s north.’¬†¬†¬†¬†

‚ÄėClassical Yoga is a truly wonderful system for inner exploration and personal evolution. ¬†Hence,¬†the basis of the workshop is to experiment and to learn from one‚Äôs own experience and sensations, cultivating a deep awareness and understanding of the mind and body, finally touching the depths of the Heart.¬†¬†It’s a journey that brings you closer to the you as you are, generating self-acceptance and self-Love…. which is the basis of Yoga.’¬†¬†

The weekend retreat is being held at Kibbutz Tuval, located in the heart of the Galilee region, in the breath takingly beautiful Karmiel Mountains.  Kibbutz Tuval has long been an immensely popular accommodation choice for both locals and international tourists due to its beautiful surrounds and tranquil atmosphere and if the kibbutz website photo gallery is anything to go by, it’s very easy to understand why.  The views of the area are delightful!  

If you are coming by car, there is a map on the Kibbutz website. If you are coming by train, you will need to catch a train to Acco, then a sherut ( yellow mini bus) to Karmiel which costs 13 nis, then catch a taxi to Tuval which costs about 40-50 nis. You can also catch a taxi straight from Acco to Tuval which will cost around 120 nis.  I understand that the organisers of the retreat, The Israel Yoga Teachers Association, are planning to organise a couple of pickups from the train station, so get in touch with them to arrange this.  

‘Explore yourself through the ancient path of Yoga, through movements of the body, rhythm of the breath, fullness of Heart and a deeper understanding of the ancient yoga scriptures. Through this retreat we seek to accept ourselves and generate joy in whatever we do to establish a strong conviction¬†of the Love within and thus “Live” yoga rather than just “do” Yoga.’¬†¬†


Retreat:                                        Self Transformation through Yoga  

Date:                                              Thurs 22nd July РSaturday 24th July 2010  

Start time:                                 Check in 3pm Thurs, retreat starts 5pm Thurs  

Location:                                    Kibbutz Tuval  

Price:                                             800 Nis (3 per room) includes food and accom  

                                                           900 Nis    (2 per room) 

                                                           1100 Nis single room    

Info/ Registration:              Call 04-637-2323    


Retreat Schedule  


Thursday 22nd July 2010  

15:00-16:30 arrival  

17:00-19:00 practice ‚Äď asana, pranayama, meditation¬†¬†

19:00-20:30 dinner and break  

20:30-21:30 discussion and meditation  

 Friday, July 23    

7:00-9:00 practice ‚Äď asana, pranayama, meditation¬†¬†

9:00-10:00 break  

10:00-12:00 lecture, discussion and reflection in the spirit of Yoga Sutra  

13:00-15:00 lunch and break  

15:00-16:30 discussion on Upanishad and practice of yoga nidra  

17:00-18:00 practice ‚Äď asana, pranayama, meditation¬†¬†

19:00-22:00 welcoming the Sabbath, dinner, satsang  

 Saturday, July 24    

7:00-9:00 practice ‚Äď asana, pranayama, meditation¬†¬†

9:00-10:00 break  

10:00-12:00 lecture, discussion and reflection in the spirit Bhagavad Gita  

13:00-14:00 lunch  

14:00-16:00 discussion, meditation, summation


If you have an event that may interest the English speaking community of Tel Aviv & Israel please contact me

Hip Hop Rock & Pop Israel’s newest star plays one show only

One Show Only¬†– ¬†“The Johnny Show”¬†¬†

December 22nd – The Barby


Singer songwriter Little Johnny has caught the attention of the ‘who’s who’¬†¬†in the Israeli music world¬†BIG ¬†time.¬†

Hailed by top radio station DJ’s, famous Israeli musicians and the media as¬† ‘a boy who’s going places’, Little Johnny’s first¬†album ‘The Johnny Show’¬†is¬†flying off the shelves in music stores around the nation. Fans¬†of Israel’s newest star¬†cant seem to get enough of¬†his funky upbeat tunes. ¬†

‘The albums¬†a wicked¬†mix of rock pop and hip hop’ said reuvan visiting Israel from London for¬†Hanuka. ‘I cant wait to play it for my mates back home’¬†¬†Reuvans cousin Sara, ¬†a student at Tel Aviv university adds ‘Every ones talking about his album on Campus..he rocks..¬†my favourite¬†song ¬†is¬†Mesi Bat Kitah (class party).. ma mush!!’

To celebrate the release of his first album ‘ The Johnny Show’¬† Johnny, along with Shlomi Shaban, Hadag Nahash, Adi Ulmansky, Sagol 59 , Hadara Levin-Aradi¬†and a host of other amazingly talented ¬†artists who worked on the album¬†will perform a ‘one show only’ concert at the Barby on the 22nd December.¬†

‘Its going to be a fantastic night, really up beat’¬†said Avi one of the lads in the music store on disengoff street.¬†‘It’s rare to get so many talented musicians under one roof¬† for a performance..its definately¬†a concert you want to go to’¬†

Avi explains that¬†each song on Johhny’s¬†album was written and performed with a celebrated Israeli musician and many of them are making guest appearances to perform with Johnny at the concert.¬†‘It will be a very special night. The diversity of¬† musical styles¬†¬†being represented¬† is¬†outstanding, its pure quality. This is an event¬† that showcases a¬†super talented young 17 year old musician, but at the same time honours the immense ¬†‘across the board’ talent of¬†the¬†nation… for us amateurs its proof¬†that dreams can and do come true’

To get a¬†great¬†taster of the¬†incredible mix of music styles that have come together to create the first album of¬† Israel’s newest musical wonder ‘Little Johnny’¬† just browse through the myspace links attached¬†to the various artists names throughout this post..¬† it will help you¬†fully appreciate¬†the diversity and quality of the artists performing¬†on the night.¬†¬†

See you there!    

The Johnny Show РOne Concert Only

Where:¬† The¬† Barby –¬† 52 Kibutz Galuyot Street Tel Aviv

When:  22nd December 2008

Time:  22:00 (10pm)

Cost:  70 nis at door     

PRE SALE¬†¬†–¬† 50 nis¬† call 03-5188123¬†¬†OR¬†buy at Abudabi Humus on King George St


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Trance Music Lovers.. the global tribe is gathering

Soulclipse¬†Festival 16th¬†–¬†24th July

Total Solar Eclipse Japan 2009

The longest eclipse in the 21st century will be occuring in July 2009 in India, China and Japan and as usual the global trance tribe is gathering on mass to celebrate the occasion.

For those who missed the magnificently¬†psycadelic Turkey festival in 06, be sure to get your pennies together for¬†this one.¬†¬†Located on the beautiful¬†Japanese island of¬†¬†Amami¬†¬†¬†2009’s festival vision is¬†tipped to be something amazing.

International Trance, House, Techno and chillout DJ’s will be on the decks taking you on a ‘never to be forgotten’ trip, an adventure that¬†may just change your perspective on life forever..

‘The natural phenomenon of a¬†bright noon sky turning ¬†to a dark night, ¬†full of stars is an absolutely¬†mind blowing¬† experience!!¬†‘

Tickets go on sale 22nd December 2008.

Amami Island - nature paradise

Festival Location - Amami Island

Amami Island forests

Amami Island forests - nature paradise

 Solar Eclipse website

If there’s only one festival you go to in 2009, make it japan’s solar eclipse¬†¬†

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Israel Theatre with English Subtitles

English speakers can now enjoy the delights of Israel theatre


Tel Aviv’s ¬†Cameri theatre has recently¬†been installed with technology that¬†provides simultaneous English translations of their stage productions.¬†

‘It is absolutely wonderful’says Bela¬† a long time Cameri theatre enthusiast. ‘ My son married an Australian girl and with Cameri’s¬†new service I am now able to share Israel theatre with her.’¬†¬†

Located at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Complex near¬†the New Israeli Opera, the Municipal Library and the Tel Aviv Museum is ¬†The Cameri, Tel Aviv’s¬†¬†municipal theatre.

The Cameri boasts 5 auditoriums and offers a modern, vibrant and friendly atmosphere for theatre lovers.¬† The¬†theatre’s company includes eighty of Israel’s finest actors along with celebrated directors from Israel and abroad.

For bookings call box office:  972-3-6061960 or 972-3-6060900    e-mail:

Cameri Theatre English Translation December Program Schedule

Day Date Time Show
Tue 9/12/08 21:00 Oh God
Sat 13/12/08 21:00 Games in the Back Yard
Tue 16/12/08 20:30 Thrill My Heart
Thu 18/12/08 20:30 The Return to Haifa
Sun 21/12/08 20:30 Fiddler on the Roof
Tue 23/12/08 20:30 Fiddler on the Roof
Sat 27/12/08 21:00 Thrill My Heart

Cameri theatre website РIn English          Israel travel  guide

Cameri Theatre now offers simultaneous  english translations with its productions

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Hilarious David and Goliath Clip

Just because you are king of the jungle doesnt mean the little guy aint going to beat your sorry ass sometimes …

Bigger is not always stronger…

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Learn Hebrew in the sassy beach side city of Tel Aviv

Studying Hebrew is Israel is an opportunity to immerse in a new and interesting culture and to meet new friends

Ulpan offers an opportunity to make great friends

Ulpan offers an opportunity to make great friends

Contrary to what the global media would have you believe, Israel is a brilliant country and living in Tel Aviv, the nations flamboyant Mediterranean beach side city, is one experience I recommend to all who enjoy a action packed, fun-filled city life. Tel Aviv rocks 24/7. Regardless of your social preferences, the city offers everything your heart desires.

From international dance and theatre performances to lively outdoor trance music parties , big name International DJ playing in clubs filled to the brim with gorgeous boys and girls to music festivals and performances. Tel Aviv  offers a social life packed with culturally stimulating events and is one of the most alive cities Ive had the fortune to reside in. 

The more religious among us will find Tel Aviv just as delightful.¬†Tel Aviv offers an environment¬†where¬† religious and secular families of all faiths¬†live in harmony, enjoying the¬†great energies¬†of city life. Gorgeous old churches¬†and mosques holding regular services¬†in Jaffa¬†and beautiful, quaint neighbourhood synagogues by the bakers dozens¬†around¬†the city… and for the holiday season, especially Jewish holidays, tel aviv is amazing!

Whether in Israel¬†for a month or a year, here on business, simply coming to enjoy an adventure in the holy land or deciding whether to make¬†Israel¬†home, joining a class¬†at Ulpan is a fantastic way to begin learning Hebrew,¬†Israel’s national language.¬†¬†

But more than that, its a wonderful way to begin integrating into the community and making friends. Like Israel, classes at Ulpan are made up of a dynamic cross section of people from around the globe. Its a  real melting pot of characters making it a truly fun and interesting experience. 

Each student has their own story of what brought them to Israel.¬†Some for work, for study, for holidays, to simply have an adventure, to connect with their Jewish roots , to be with¬†a lover, to find a lover, to visit a friend and sometimes to try a ‘living in Israel ‘ experience¬†to decide if they could make it their home… the reasons are¬†infinite ¬†and so too in a sense, are the ages of the students.¬† In my class ages ranged from 18 – 65. It was a blast.

The fact that everyone is relatively new to Israel and new to the language of Hebrew, bonds created are genuine and more often than not open up opportunities to develop friendships that often become life long connections.

Ulpan Gordon on Le Salle Street in Tel Aviv is a fabulous school.  Located in heart of Tel Aviv , a stones throw from the beach, in a quiet street off Ben Yehuda, the school offers a variety  of classes.  Classes are are held at different times throughout the day and evening, some more intense than others.  is a very helpful user-friendly website, providing up to date information on all the classes and courses on offer in the school.  Set up by a previous student, an American girl (aka americanbabble. com) who,  after serving in the US army in Iraq, visited Israel and attended the school.

Finding the official govt website for Ulpan studies in Israel to be outdated and not really providing easily accessible and easy to understand information, she created to assist potential students  with tips ideas and general information on signing up for Hebrew lessons in Tel Aviv. 

Being able to speak Hebrew, even if its only the basics, can dramatically enhance your Israel experience, transforming it from great  to absolutely brilliant, so seriously consider starting the learning process, its a superb adventure! 

For those¬†whom just the thought of being in a classroom environment makes you nervous, know that you wont be the only one feeling that way in an Ulpan classroom. There are many people who haven’t studied for many years¬†there to learn.¬†¬†

If you are still not convinced, or don’t feel you can commit to a regular class,¬†then¬†try¬†the fun and affordable option of ¬†Ulpanet.¬†¬†This is a fun and easy online Hebrew class, where you¬†can learn at your own pace for about $1 hour¬†with ¬†your membership¬†valid for 12 months.¬† Its like having your own private Hebrew teacher on call¬†whenever you fancy putting some time to learning.¬† Its a great option for busy people who cant commit to a specific time each week to attend a class or who feel a little shy to begin¬†Ulpan classes.¬† Ulpanet¬†was my first Hebrew class and I was very happy with how easily I¬†learnt the basics of the language.¬†¬†

Ulpan, Ulpanet, visiting Israel, life in Tel Aviv, making friends, learning Hebrew…

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Kobi Israel’s Superb Homoerotic Art

Talented homoerotic photographer - Kobi Israel

Talented homoerotic photographer - Kobi Israel

Israel is overflowing with artists of every genre and all have helped shape and develop my unquestionable love of this magnificent nation. 

From Kibbutz Gaaton in the Western Galilee, home of internationally renowned  Kibbutz Dance Company  to the cities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa and the delightful villages of Abu Gosh and Safed, musicians actors and writers, poets, artists, moviemakers and dancers creatively express their unique perspectives on life.

Few in the field of photography however,¬†have caught my eye and held me spellbound as¬†the¬†immensely talented and creative Kobi Israel.¬†¬†Born in Tel Aviv, Israel’s fast flambuoyant and fiesty seaside city, Kobi began his‘exploration of photography’¬† in 1994 whilst employed as a¬†flight attendant.

Now living in London, Kobi’s work in homoerocitc art is breath taking. His albums ‘Fragments of Life’ and ‘Love Stories’ are divine and are well worth discovering for yourselves.¬† He¬†has also published a ¬†book Kobi Israel Views

Tel Aviv’s over flowing with talented Artists, Musicians, Dancers and Moviemakers..

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Fancy yourself as a bit of a Frank Sinatra..looking for fame?


Audition for a new musical. 


Star in a musical

Star in a musical

Auditions are¬†being held for ‘1776’ ¬†The Musical

Director – Batsheva Garnett

Musical Director – Asaf Finkelstein

Casting – Rivkah Asoulin

Producer–¬† Yisrael Lutnick


Where:       Emunah Р6 Arlozorov Street  Jerusalem   No Appointment necessary

When:¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†7pm Reccommended Group warm up –¬†Auditions to follow.¬†¬† 9.30pm last sign in.¬†¬†

Come With:  16 bars of two contrasting songs (broadway musicals preferred)  Head Shot & Resume appreciated

For More Info:

Realise your dreams..become the star you know you are

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