TLV..She is just oh so sexy

Life is full of surprises!  And if one is open to them, they can lead you to places, you would never, in your wildest dreams imagine…

It was exactly one of these glorious life surprises that has lead to me living in thriving, vibrant, never sleeping, full power, delicious and never enough moments in the day to do everything TLV!!

Its very exciting to find oneself living in argueably one of the sexiest cities on the planet?  

Tel Aviv is magical. Its incredibly alive & full with outrageousness. Its chic, vibrant, colourful, full on and well… I simply adore it. 

I plan to share tel aviv with you…little by little. As I become more intimate with her, as I learn more of her as I discover her, I will share with you her treasures and unique gifts.   You will come to know her smells, sounds, talents and energy.

But this takes time, for she is mysterious. She is much much more than you can imagine, so much more that you can discover in one  visit or one glance at this blog .   

Tel Aviv is addictive.  Once is never enough.  Tel Aviv will grab you, lure you and entice you and I consider it a great honour to help create your addiction.  I look forward to it.

until your next visit. be well and be happy. 

loving tel aviv

ps: In the meantime, whatever basics you want/need to know about Tel aviv visit    It has been my life saver.  There is good info on TLV and the other cities in Israel. There are also fab links to the railways buses, national park sites, events info… pretty much all i have needed so far.

Tel Aviv shows events music festivals and more

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3 Responses

  1. Hi,
    on the above picture I can see only men. Where are the women?

  2. good attention to detail there Oman, Israel is full of amazing women, ill do a post tomorrow giving you a taste of the nations delightful goddesses

    thanks for being in touch. hows Oman by the way?

  3. […] says,  “Israel’s second largest city and economic hub sounds glorious.”  A local blogger in the city raves [and took the picture as seen above], “Tel Aviv is magical. Its incredibly […]

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