Music lovers.. Remember these guys?

 Love song crooners, 80’s music fans, romantics and all those who simply gets a kick out of being in a crowd of peeps who know ALL the words to ALL the songs at a concert..(yes please thats me)  this is an evening not to be missed. 

Air Supply, the 80’s soft rock band made famous by British guitarist Graham Russell and Australian lead vocalist Russell Hitchcock and their love drenched lyrical melodies,  are visiting Israel to play two concerts  on the 4th and 5th July.

The concerts are in two fabulous venues and while Ranana’s Amphi park would ususally be my pick as it’s only a stones throw from TLV, the Shuni forest venue near Binyamina is magnificent and offers a superb backdrop for the chaps and their cheesy tunes so definately gets my vote on this occasion.

The Venue is surrounded with archeological remains of the Roman period and overlooks the beautiful scenery of the Taninim River and vineyards. A wonderfully intimate atmosphere can be created here for the boys to take their fans on a trip down memory lane. 

Blasting back into the 80’s… love songs for romantics

Tickets are available at  or you can call Castel 036045000, Hadran 035279797, Lean 035247373 or Rococco 03 5276677

So loves, its time to get prepared. dust off your favourite bright tight polyester shirt, take hold of a hair brush, stand in front of a mirror and get your tonsils finely tuned for a fantastic night of 80’s fun. 

To help get you in the groove,  here is a clip of one of their most popular tracks..  enjoy

until next time be healthy be happy

loving tel aviv


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