Tel Aviv Yoga Classes In English

Yoga is very popular in Israel and classes are widely available all around Tel Aviv.  Finding a studio that is able and happy to teach classes in English however,  is another story.

I recently hit the jackpot.  A stones throw away from my house a new studio has opened AND  its teaching classes in English!  

Guyoga is a new studio opened at 100 Ben Yehuda.  Owned and operated by Guy, a delightfully friendly and talented Israeli yogi who has recently returned to Tel Aviv  after a few years living in the USA,.

He brings with him a great concept.  A much needed fusion -fantastic yoga experience taught in english with…outstanding customer service skills. Its sure to be a winner! 

The beautifully designed studio, offers a friendly, intimate atmosphere with professionally trained teachers of both yoga and pilates. There are morning classes of pilates and both morning and evening classes of Mala Yoga, Vinyasa,Power and Ashtanga yoga.

There are a number of membership options, ranging from a  casual daily class costing 50 shekels through to an annual membership pass that allows you to attend as many classes as you choose throughout the year.

I chose the one month membership and am delighted with the value it offers me. I can go to as many classes as I choose for the validity of the membership.  So far I have attended the pilates, mala yoga and the vinyasa and have enjoyed them all. 

Visit Guyoga ENGLISH website:  

For more info on Tel Aviv:

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4 Responses

  1. Its very important to every one to learn yoga art
    and i wish to learn yoga art to teat the scaliosis in my body if you can help my ? to treat my body with yoga art
    thank you

  2. every time you write, i follow. even bookmarked your blog. never reply tho, but *thumbs up* קידום אתרים

  3. hey josh glad you are enjoying the blog, thanks for the thumbs up 🙂 been quite a few weeks since i posted something, so havent seen all your wonderful comments. Great to get some feedback, cheers. If you have something you are interested in and want me to write about it, let me know, be happy to.

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