Osho Festival Israel – Weekend Of Music, Dance & Meditation

For those up for new and interesting experiences, best pack yourself a little overnight bag and head north to Kibutz -Bet Oren located 10 mintues from Haifa or approximately an hours drive  north of Tel Aviv.. the annual Osho festival is defintely one not to be missed!

Held on the grounds of the magnificent Om Centre Resort, july 10 – 12th, the 3 day event promises to be a truly magical celebration that from simple word of mouth advertising, has attracted international visitors from far and wide.

Joanna, from the USA said ‘ its going to be such a multi cultural mix at the festival, its so exciting. I heard about it whie travelling in India and decided to come on my way to the UK.  There are People gathering in Israel for the event from Brazil, USA, Australia, Europe, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Taiwan and Japan.’

Playing host to world renowned lecturers and therapists from the global new age movement, the line up reads like a ‘dream list’ for those interested in personal development, self healing and well being. The choice of learning opportunties is endless.. there is something to interest and inspire even the greatest of cynics.  

Active meditations, yoga, chaka breathing, tai chi, chi gung, live music, drumming circles, evening movies under the stars, dance parties, tantra courses and sufi whirling to name a few.. its loaded with fun activities.

The list of courses on offer is super impressive and as most lecturers are coming from abroad, the majority of them will be held in English.

Here’s a few to tempt the spiritual goddess within..  From the head to the heart, Inner man inner woman, Falling in love with yourself, Dynamics of relationships, The way of breathing, melting in love and aloneness…

The festival opens on thursday  evening with a dance and world music celebration. Fridays event schedule begins at 7.30am with the first meditation of the day and goes through to midnight. Saturdays program also begins at 7.30am and runs through until 5pm when a huge dance party by the pool celebrating the closing of the festival begins. 

Tickets cost 320 shekels, include free camping, showers and all activities and can be purchased by contacting the Om Centre Resort on: 04-8307416

 For full details, directions and Resort information please visit the Om Centre website: http://www.omcenter.co.il/Default.aspx?tabid=509

Further info needed on Israel, can usually be found at http://www.aguide2israel.com

Have Fun,

be healthy, be happy

PHOTOS OF THE OSHO FESTIVAL CAN BE FOUND AT: https://lovingtelaviv.wordpress.com/2008/07/17/osho-israel-july-festival-photos/


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  2. happy2010

    jai ma

    mystic music&dance

  3. love u osho ha i wana join ur wonderful gang so plz mail me ur link

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