Employment for English Speakers in Israel

For the ever growing number of English mother tongue speakers choosing to make Israel their home, the process of finding  employment can be a slow, arduous, challenging and often frustrating task.

English speakers often feel ‘unemployable‘, whilst learning Hebrew, the nations primary language, creating feelings of inadequacy and in some situations, a sense of isolation¬†in the very community they¬†are trying ¬†to become a part of.

Doubts often arise as to whether the move was a good decision and this can really put a dampen on an otherwise exciting and courageous journey of settling in the holy land.

‘Dont be¬†dismayed’ says local employment officer Aviram. ‘While its true that many professionals have difficulty in the beginning,¬†to find¬† employment in their field of expertise, ¬†there are many many opportunities available for english speakers.

Its important to remain positive and to remind yourself that you bring with you, many wonderful skills from your previous country of residence and are, very much an asset to the country.  

The very fact you that you have made the move to live in a new country is a great indication of the strength of your character. It takes courage to go on such an adventure and more than that it takes both patience and humbleness to deal with the seemingly endless challenges naturally presented to all who make such a move.

The most important thing you can do to help yourself is to remain positive. Keep up with your Hebrew studies, practise your conversation skills at every opportunity and perhaps consider getting  involved in charity and volunteer organisations.  This is a fabulous way to begin integrating into the community and to make new friends.

Life has a wonderful way of surprising us. Fantastic opportunities often come in the most unusual of circumstances and from the most unlikely  sources.  Hold your head high, know you are able to offer a meaningful contribution to Israeli society and trust that life will take care of you, bringing you all that you need.

Visualise the ideal outcome that you would like for yourself and then commit to doing what is needed for this to happen with a calm and positive attitude.

To help you make contact with the various employment agencies and information sites in English that specialise in job placements for English mother tongue speakers please find below a list of links.

Full List Of Links To English Employment Websites…









Until next time, be healthy be happy

loving tel aviv


43 Responses

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with Aviram. In fact, it’s rarely been easier for a mother-tongue English speaker to find work in Israel, which isn’t to say that it’s easy. Job hunting is almost never easy, but there are many things people can do to make it easier, such as meet up with other job seekers offline or online in places like JobMob.

    mysticmiss, thanks for the link love. I Stumbled this post of yours, hopefully you’ll get some traffic out of it:


    Also, you may be interested in the JobMob Guest Blogging Contest that I just announced:


  2. Hi Jacob

    Great to be in touch. ill have a look at the guest blogging contest you have running, thanks for the invitation.

    If you have any other events going on that you think may be interesting for the english speaking community in Israel, just forward me the info in english, dates time location etc and I will happily write a post for you.

    have a wonderful week

  3. Thanks mysticmiss ūüôā

    We just had a chat on JobMbo with Israeli salaries and labor law specialist Moshe Egel-Tal, so we missed that one but there will be other chats.

    Also, I’ve announced a subscribers’ contest:


  4. I am a general building contracter from California. I moved here with my Israeli wife several months ago. I have a job lined up as a carpenter, however, since being here, I have torn my miniscus in my knee, and require surgery…I”m wondering if there are any jobs available for someone with building experience…but unable to do physical labor, and unfamiliar with local building requirements…a tough one, I know…but there must be some way I can contribute…any thoughts?

  5. joseph firstly welcome to israel, hope you are enjoying the journey so far. sorry to hear about your knee injury, what a bummer. One consolation i suppose is that there are truly briliant doctors here so you will be in good hands.

    About your work situation, its really a tough one. If you are able to teach your skills, perhaps a possibility might be available working for a non profit organisation/non govt organisation who want to get some people trained a little in your field. if you google NGO israel or non profit organisations you might get some contacts. also check out the sudanese refugee group & beduion groups who may be trying to upgrade their peoples skills.

    hows your hebrew? maybe you could also check out opportunities at ACE and HOME BASE they are israels general handyman stores, that sell wood, paint, tools etc.. maybe this could be something to tide you over. Or perhaps other wholesale companys selling supplies.

    There is always work sitting on the phones at the jerusalem post advertising depts, they pay by the hour, and always need english speakers. They have offices in jerusalem and tel aviv. Its not near to your field of work but it will least bring some money to the pocket while you go through this transition period with your knee. Goodluck and write to me how you get on.

    ESRA the english speaking residents association may have some suggestions. the number is 09 9565728

    I hope this gives you some ideas.

  6. Hi there, it’s probably a long shot, but I’m wondering if anyone can offer me any advice.
    I have been in Israel for 1 month now, after deciding to move here to be with my Israeli boyfriend. At the moment I have a tourist status, but we are hoping that we will be granted a partners visa.
    Firstly, I’m not sure if this will allow me to be able to work as I have heard different reports from different people that I asked.
    Secondly, I don’t have a degree and I am wondering if there will be any job opportunities here for me at all. I have just started studying Hebrew at an Ulpan, but at the moment I only speak English.
    In Ireland, where I am from I worked as a retail manager, which doesn’t leave with with any specific skills.
    Is it more important in Israel to have the degree than the experience? I see most jobs require one.
    Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.

  7. the partner process if granted usually provides you with a tourist visa with work permit. It will depend on how you present your case i suppose. Your boyfriend needs to prove he can support you, though if the reason you want to work is a combination of financial reasons coupled with integration into the community and learning and practising the language, it may give you good standing. This is all thoughts though, its best to speak to the experts. You will need to prove you guys are in a genuine relationship. Its really worth getting as many docs together to prove this now, photos, letters addresed to you both, utility bills in both names rent contracts in both names (from abroad is ok) letters from family, friends to say they know you and see your relationship as serious and ongoing. The more you gather the better chances you have.

    about work .. english speakers if not specifically qualified do often find themselves working in customer service teams of international companies or in telephone sales teams. While this may not be your cup of tea, the money can be ok and offers a chance to meet new friends who have a similar story to your own. Jerusalem post newspaper is often looking for english speakers for their phone lines. Some cafes etc employ english speakers too in the more touristic areas and international companys marketing themselves overseas often employ english speakers for phone work. hope this helps goodluck and enjoy beautiful israel

  8. where i can find job “carpenter skilled worker” in ISRAEL??

  9. Hi I am an experienced accountant for more than ten years, I want to settle in Israel and enjoy the promise land.. I admire the Israel local and I believe I can contribute my talents and skills in my fields of accountant. Would there be any job vacancy for accountant like me?

  10. Hi Im dinesh Randiwela from sri lanka and presently working maldives as a Reservation & sales Excutive.

    im Looking for new job opertunities in Israel ( Hotel Or Hospital care service as any suitable positions.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon as possible.


  11. Your write up was very interesting to read. Thanks so much for sharing it .
    I am trying to apply for an english speaking job & noone will employ me coz im on a student visa & noone will give me the employment letter that I need to get a work visa. Do you have an advice on this ? ūüôā

  12. hey i am a kenyan aged 22 years in the field of medicine i have completed clinical medicine and know i am doing my internship with Goverment of Kenya hospital. can i get clinical medicene job in israel as i continue with my study there

  13. I am looking for a position in Isreal with a american firm. I can be housing/apartment security. I just completed 6 years in kuwait guarding and patroling american housing. I hold a final secret contractor clearance. I am a retired US Marine SgtMajor.
    Richard (ari) Luntz

  14. Hello, I am an Oleh, with very poor Hebrew, I am 37 yrs old, A former US Marine(Iraq war vet) with an extensive and impressive military/fire rescue background, I also am very skilled in several construction trades, but due to my lack of Hebrew and my age, I can not join the military or fire depts here,I am not finding work, and am running low on money, I live in Tel Aviv, any contacts or help finding work in Security, Fire fighting, Construction or anything would be greatly appreciated, thank you, Brian

  15. sorry brian i dont personally have any contacts to help, however Janglo the online community site for the jeruslaem post has a job list section. try there. http://www.janglo.net/


  16. Hi there Benson , I am unable to really help you with answers on this sorry. try the forums on janglo the online community for the jerusalem post.

    http://www.janglo.net/ goodluck

  17. i’m a foreign worker 4rm nigeria, i’m not a citizen of israel but i av d ministry of interior visa which we renew every 3months.. and i need a job badly… like working as a customer services… i can speak, write, type, & read english very well…. can u pls help if i can get any job oppurtunities… i really need a job.

  18. Hello, I am looking for information regarding the ease in which I, a British Citizen, can find work and become a resident in Israel. I am about to visit Tel Aviv for the third time with my girlfriend and we love it. Please give me your thought and any information would be gratefully accepted. Thankyou everyone…….Andrew.

  19. andrew, one suggestion is to perhaps contact the israel dept of commerce and request a list of british companies operating in israel, then contact them personally to see what opportunities they may have. Depending on what qualifications you and your girlfriend have, you can also check out janglo.com they have a job section for english speakers. I really couldnt say how easy /hard it is to get residency. i know there are many foreigners working here, so there must be opportunities. Hi tech is a big industry here if this is your field. You could also contact manpower here in tel aviv and speak to a recruiter and see what they suggest. goodluck, i understand your love of the place, i feel the same way.

  20. sir. iam wilfred jose from india,running a school for rural children , now iam looking for job in israel, kindly help me to get a job in your country, yours in christ , wilfred jose india .

  21. wilfred , thanks for contacting us here at loving tel aviv. we are unable to help you gain employment in israel, however if you use the links on the post you may find something that appeals to you or find someone you can be in contact with about permanent accommodation. I wish you the very best, I understand your desire to live and work here, it is a wonderful country.

  22. Hello,

    I am from India and I work for Thomson Reuters as a Learning Consultant/Trainer. I am into softskills/voice and accent as well as process trainings and new hire induction. My husband has got an opputurnity to work in Isreal and even we would like to plan it, if even I can get an opening in Isreal. Can any of you suggest me some openings or companies where I can get into training/development/HR roles.



  23. am orginaly from Ethiopian bur live in uae is there any job for me and i do have 8 years 5 star hotel excp as a fron office . its my dream to work in israel. pls contact me soonest possible .


  24. Hi muna thanks for your comment, my best suggestion is to go through the links ive included in the post and be in contact with some of the agents. Or write directly to the main hotel groups that are here.. hilton, sheraton etc. good luck

  25. Raji hi, how exciting for you adn your hubby, a workign adventure in israel. its wonderful here, you will love it. regards to openings for yourself workwise, i suggest goign through the links ive included in the post and contacting the agents personally. There are alot of internet companies based here that have a global customer base. They employ people who are speaking well in english and other foreign languages. I have seen these jobs advertised in http://www.janglo.net/ for jerusalem check out the janglo button on the top of the site , for tel aviv check out tanglo button. This is an online community set up by one of the major newspapers here the jerusalem post. good luck andhave a great 2011

  26. I recently found out after my mothers passing that we’re in fact from a long jewish lineage. How would i go about obtaining an israeli passport with limited documentation?

  27. I will be coming to Israel soon to be with my girlfriend. At present my Hebrew is nil, however I will be working on that. As working on the [kibbutz] is not an option, my intention is to start teaching English as soon as I can. Can anyone she any advice on how I should set about doing that? Or are there any other career path which I should pursue?


  28. Christyl, firstly my condolences on your mother passing. Im sorry you have had to experience this.

    about obtaining an israeli passport, i would say contact the jewish agency, there is offices all over the world. check out their website first and see if that has any suggestions in the steps yo need to take.

    If your mother was jewish, then you also are jewish and entitled to come to israel and call it your home. its a gift , a real gift, israel is an amazing place to live.

    if you need any further help, please dont hesitate to contact me again .

    goodluck , you are on a special journey .

  29. Travelling Jro, to teach english here you will need to have the right qualifications, so if you dont have a TEFL or similar i suggest you get on to that.

    There are some big english teaching schools in israel so perhaps its best to contact them about job vacancies. google language schools israel think that should get you there.


  31. as an employer i had a lot of success finding employees on this facebook page:


    good luck

  32. I’m a new comer to Isreal the promised land of my future, but as a new i’m in search of jobs wchich use English or to the least Arabic as meduim of instructions,


  33. Please add http://www.jbmainstreet.com to this list.
    This is a great resource for english-speaking personnel looking for jobs in Israel, as well as the companies interested in hiring them.

  34. sure will JBmainstreet. thanks for the info

  35. Hi all and Welcome to Israel, i am from Britain and now live in Israel, There is nothing like Israel, if anyone needs any help and tips, mayb i can b a hand. Good Luck and enjoy your stay.

  36. Hi

    I am married to an Israeli. I am English, 53 year old, now living in Tel Aviv.

    My career to date has been in the Travel Industry.

    I am well traveled and currently work as a homeworker for an English company

    I am looking for something to do in Israel. I am not looking for a highly paid, high flying career or even a great salary.

    I want to meet people and possibly work in my field and if not do something that will make a difference to others.

    I am very fit and young at heart and have my own car.

  37. Hello all. Thank for your fantastic post.
    I am a freelance photographer moving to Tel Aviv in a few months. I come from South Africa, and I am wondering if anyone knows anyone that I could get in touch with, re photography?
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  38. Iam 25 years old Diploma Engineer with 2 years experience having fluency in English, looking for a job and permanent residence in Israel.
    Please advice how do I work on this prospect?

  39. Hi I’m an English speaking student looking for a job only during the summer. My Hebrew isn’t great, but I can get by. Any ideas for a part or full time job? I moved here about a year ago and I have citizenship.

  40. hi, I want to visit Israel for 3-6 months,is there any volunteer jobs, I want to see the Israeli way of life.I am an Indian and Hindu Braminj,

  41. Raj there is lots of volunteering work in israel. just search volunteer opportunties israel. good luck

  42. hii i gamunu live in sri lanka 7 months ago i work in is isreal .now i am in sri lanka .i want to come again to isreal to work

  43. Hi Gamunu i am unable to help , however i suggest you go to the people recruiting fro israel, perhaps the fact that you have been here and perhaps speak some hebrew, maybe they will be able to find you another contract. i wish you well.

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