Osho Therapy Retreat 17-19th July Israel

The delightful Tarika Gulbin, International therapist and recent guest at the ‘Osho Celebration Festival’ will be holding a dynamic Osho Therapy retreat in Israel from the 17-19th July 2008.

Osho Therapy is an immensely popular and highly effective therapy created to aid an individuals  development of self love, self understanding and self acceptance.

The Osho International Meditation Resort, located in Pune India, is a place of outstanding beauty and peacefulness attracting over 200,000 visitors a year. Coming from all walks of life, visitors can learn to meditate as well attend workshops and groups to learn new life tools to help them live life with greater joy and happiness. 

Tarika’s visit to Israel is an honour and those interested in Self Discovery should seriously consider attending her retreat.  As one of Pune International Mediation Resorts primary therapists, Tarika’s experience in the many Osho therapies is invaluable. 

She is witty, interesting and inspiring and is a truly wonderful group facilitator. Her 3 day retreat,held in the beautiful Om Centre in kibbutz – Biet Oren, 10 minutes drive from Haifa, offers a safe loving environment in which to take a journey within and while the experience is often an intense one, participants are sure to reap countless personal rewards from attendance.

Take a journey within.. Osho 3 day retreat

Retreat Tickets:  55 Euro per person.    (Meals & Lodging are extra)

To purchase tickets:  +972 48307444

Retreat Location:  Om Centre  – Kibbutz Biet Oren 


Accommodation Options:  (visit Om Centre Website for photos of accomodation)

Dorm Style Tent Accom – 17 euro pp per nite

Twin share standard room – 35 euro pp per nite

Suite – 85 euro pp per nite

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call Kohra 0528883040  or email   info@oshoisrael.com

FOR MORE INFO/ MAPS ON ISRAEL: www.aguide2israel.com

Until Next time

Be happy, be healthy

loving tel aviv


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  1. […] Osho Therapy Retreat 17-19th July IsraelTarika’s visit to Israel is an honour and those interested in Self Discovery should seriously consider attending her retreat. As one of Pune International Mediation Resorts primary therapists, Tarika’s experience in the many Osho … […]

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