Boaz Mauda – Oooh La La what a Star

courtesy of keshet TV
courtesy of keshet TV


Israel’s new sweetheart, the gorgeous and very talented Boaz Mauda must be experiencing the adventure of his life.
With the voice of an angel and looks that make your heart melt, Boaz’s entrance into the global music scene looks set to be a huge success.
Girls, guys, mum’s, dad’s, gays, straights and even saucy Nana’s from every corner of the globe are hitting google in unprecedented numbers, desparate to find out more about what the rising star is up to.
NEVER fear, beloved Baoz fans, ‘Addicted to Tel Aviv’ knows how you feel.. so I have come to the rescue..
Here all on one page is all the info you might be looking for. A list of quality websites that can give you the juice on Who is Boaz Mauda, Where he’s from, what his plans are and what he is like as a person..

Israels Sexiest New Superstar..Boaz ringtones,music, photos 

To hear Boaz Mauda on

Get a Boaz Mauda ringtone
Watch Boaz Mauda video clips
Boaz Mauda Photos & general Info
Learn about  Boaz Mauda country:
courtesy of boaz mauda facebook group
courtesy of boaz mauda facebook group

 until next time

Loving Tel Aviv

4 Responses

  1. well, since the first moment i heard boaz mauda , i was amazed ! i couldnt stop listening to his voice , and i became addicted to him … i am a mum , so i became anxiety to him because he is young . but i have a feeling that his name: boaz = courage , match him and he has a lot of courage in additional to his natural talent . your article show me that i am normal as many who crazy about boaz mauda

  2. I am absolutely in love with Boaz Mauda! He is amazing! 🙂

  3. Splendido! L’ho scoperto per puro caso. La sua voce di angelo ha il fascino dell’oriente e il mistero del popolo cui appartiene.
    Inieme a Noah sei diventato il mio preferito. Complimenti Boaz e un abbraccio dall’Italia

  4. I’ve been reading truly a bit on this forum. Tons of kind information! My name is Anna BTW 😉

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