Tel Aviv Monday Nights – Moksha In the City

In most citites around the globe, Monday nights are no big story. Tel Aviv, however, is a  city like no other.This place rocks and Tel Aviv’s hottest Monday night event is probably ‘Moksha  In The City’ at The Sakaya Sea Bar.
The Moksha Project have been successfully organising electronic music parties and more recently festivals for 10 years.  Usually in nature and always with a quality mix of both israel and international physcadelic trance DJ’s banging out the tunes, they attract an open minded, open hearted lively mix of party goers.
Their Monday night line  ‘Moksha In The City’ ,  is about gathering their tribe together in the city and with the hoards of party goers turning out to the event  every monday, it looks like they came up with a winning concept.
Held in a very funky open air, sea side venue called The Sakaya Sea Bar, the event attracts a fantastic crowd.
The Sakaya Sea Bar is a brilliant venue. Located near the Jaffo clock tower and a stones throw from the ocean, Sakaya is open 6 evenings a week.  It offers fantastic views of ‘Jaffo by night’  as well as breath taking views of the ‘Tel Aviv  Skyline’.  With 3 floors, regular international Dj’s pumping out the tunes and a constant sea breeze to keep you cool,  it’s definately a place to put on your must do party lists for Tel Aviv.
 ‘Moksha In The City’ is fun.  Its totally mad to experience such a high energy party going down on a monday.  Entry is free and open to 25 +   Go early ( 11pm is the best but definately before 12) if you want to avoid the huge lines and the huslte and bustle of the door guys selecting their crowd for the night.
Moksha In The City is one of those events that will stay with you.. who ever thought you could have so much fun on a MONDAY.  
Hats off to you Tel Aviv.. you are  soooo amazingly cool!!!

3 Responses

  1. I’ve been reading your blog once in a while and decided to reply for the first time, thank you for writing all of this.
    love it!
    קידום אתרים

  2. very interesting, glad i ran into your posting. קידום אתרים

  3. thanks josh, glad you are enjoying

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