Tel Aviv Kabbalah Lessons – In English

Kabbalah offers insight into life and can appeal to anyone.

Artist Chrisopher P Benton

Artist Chrisopher P Benton

You don’t need to be Jewish to appreciate lessons in Kabbalah. Kabbalah is open for eveyone.

And Tel Aviv will soon offer Kabbalah classes In english.  If you are interested to learn Kabbalah, dont miss the opportunity to attend this introductory course at The Kabbalah Centre in Tel Aviv (near Dizengoff centre)

The wonderful introduction course The Power Of Kabbalah, starts Wednesday 6th July, 8.30pm

Running for 10 weeks and including a full 23 volume set of the Zohar you will be introduced to the ‘hidden science’ of Kabbalah and begin understanding the secret code to your life and the incredible system of logic that is behind it.

It offers you the opportunity to completely change the way you view your life.

 Event: English Kabbalah Course – The Power Of Kabbalah

 Where: The Kabbalah Centre –   14 Ben Ami St (Dizengoff Square)

 When: Course starts Wednesday 6th July   8.30pm    10 weekly  1.5hr meetings

 Cost: 720 nis   Discounts avail. for Olim Shadashim & students 

More Details/Questions: Call Robert 052-560-4871 Email:

Kabbalah has often been called the’ best kept secret of our time’ It is considered to be the key that unlocks all the mysteries of life, the secret code that governs the universe. It’s an incredible system of logic and a precise technology that will completely change the way you view your life.


Be happy be healthy

loving  tel aviv 


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