Kobi Israel’s Superb Homoerotic Art

Talented homoerotic photographer - Kobi Israel

Talented homoerotic photographer - Kobi Israel

Israel is overflowing with artists of every genre and all have helped shape and develop my unquestionable love of this magnificent nation. 

From Kibbutz Gaaton in the Western Galilee, home of internationally renowned  Kibbutz Dance Company  to the cities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa and the delightful villages of Abu Gosh and Safed, musicians actors and writers, poets, artists, moviemakers and dancers creatively express their unique perspectives on life.

Few in the field of photography however, have caught my eye and held me spellbound as the immensely talented and creative Kobi Israel.  Born in Tel Aviv, Israel’s fast flambuoyant and fiesty seaside city, Kobi began his‘exploration of photography’  in 1994 whilst employed as a flight attendant.

Now living in London, Kobi’s work in homoerocitc art is breath taking. His albums ‘Fragments of Life’ and ‘Love Stories’ are divine and are well worth discovering for yourselves.  He has also published a  book Kobi Israel Views

Tel Aviv’s over flowing with talented Artists, Musicians, Dancers and Moviemakers..

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2 Responses

  1. I’ve been reading your blog once in a while and decided to reply for the first time, thank you for writing all of this.
    love it!
    קידום אתרים

  2. brilliant! how come i never read about it? קידום אתרים

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