Boaz Mauda – Oooh La La what a Star

courtesy of keshet TV
courtesy of keshet TV


Israel’s new sweetheart, the gorgeous and very talented Boaz Mauda must be experiencing the adventure of his life.
With the voice of an angel and looks that make your heart melt, Boaz’s entrance into the global music scene looks set to be a huge success.
Girls, guys, mum’s, dad’s, gays, straights and even saucy Nana’s from every corner of the globe are hitting google in unprecedented numbers, desparate to find out more about what the rising star is up to.
NEVER fear, beloved Baoz fans, ‘Addicted to Tel Aviv’ knows how you feel.. so I have come to the rescue..
Here all on one page is all the info you might be looking for. A list of quality websites that can give you the juice on Who is Boaz Mauda, Where he’s from, what his plans are and what he is like as a person..

Israels Sexiest New Superstar..Boaz ringtones,music, photos 

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Boaz Mauda – The beautiful voice of Israel’s Eurovision contestant.

The annual Eurovision song contest has never featured high on my ‘exciting, not to be missed annual events’ calendar. This is primarily due to the fact,  that having grown up in the middle of nowhere, for many years, I had no clue it even existed. 

When my travels took me to Europe, I quickly saw how ‘Eurovision fever’ grips the entire continent. Thousands of usually conservative souls, seem all of a sudden, to get uncharacteristically rambunctuous, excitedly discussing the talents of the various artists and proclaiming with full confidence, their opinion of who will be crowned the winner to who ever will listen. All begin voting for their favourite song, country or contestant and discussing the subject  incestantly in cafes, restaurants and indeed any social gathering. It was a truly amazing transformation Europes’ masses.

Still it didnt do it for me. I think its one of those things you need to grow up with to really appreciate and enjoy. (like vegemite for aussies, or bamba for the israelis) No one else can really understand the joy one receives from these delights except others whose childhood geographicaly mirrors your own.

So why am I writing a post on the Eurovision you ask?  why write about something that didnt do it for you?

Good question…and one I am very happy to answer.   BOAZ  MAUDA

israels eurovision contestant

israels eurovision contestant

Wow this Boaz’s is something special… Mashu mashu as they say in hebrew. 

He has the voice of an angel, singing so beautifully it takes your breath away AND …  he is absolutely drop dead gorgeous!  Two qualities that can take him a long way in the music industry.

He did Israel and himself proud.  Giving an outstanding performance he and israel team took 9th place in the competition.  I enjoyed his voice, I enjoyed his sweetness and the english/hebrew lyrics mix were a great touch. Very nice.

And what now for Boaz?  Where to from here?  I understand he is now working on his debut album which I am sure will be a great success. His fan base is already quite remarkable.. europes young women are crazy about him and with his dashing mediteranian looks I am sure friends of Dorothy will also warm to this  delightful new kid on the music block.

Good luck Boaz, I wish you great success.

Until next time, be happy be healthy.

loving tel aviv