Fancy yourself as a bit of a Frank Sinatra..looking for fame?


Audition for a new musical. 


Star in a musical

Star in a musical

Auditions are being held for ‘1776’  The Musical

Director – Batsheva Garnett

Musical Director – Asaf Finkelstein

Casting – Rivkah Asoulin

Producer–  Yisrael Lutnick


Where:       Emunah – 6 Arlozorov Street  Jerusalem   No Appointment necessary

When:        7pm Reccommended Group warm up – Auditions to follow.   9.30pm last sign in.  

Come With:  16 bars of two contrasting songs (broadway musicals preferred)  Head Shot & Resume appreciated

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Realise your dreams..become the star you know you are

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Employment for English Speakers in Israel

For the ever growing number of English mother tongue speakers choosing to make Israel their home, the process of finding  employment can be a slow, arduous, challenging and often frustrating task.

English speakers often feel ‘unemployable‘, whilst learning Hebrew, the nations primary language, creating feelings of inadequacy and in some situations, a sense of isolation in the very community they are trying  to become a part of.

Doubts often arise as to whether the move was a good decision and this can really put a dampen on an otherwise exciting and courageous journey of settling in the holy land.

‘Dont be dismayed’ says local employment officer Aviram. ‘While its true that many professionals have difficulty in the beginning, to find  employment in their field of expertise,  there are many many opportunities available for english speakers.

Its important to remain positive and to remind yourself that you bring with you, many wonderful skills from your previous country of residence and are, very much an asset to the country.  

The very fact you that you have made the move to live in a new country is a great indication of the strength of your character. It takes courage to go on such an adventure and more than that it takes both patience and humbleness to deal with the seemingly endless challenges naturally presented to all who make such a move.

The most important thing you can do to help yourself is to remain positive. Keep up with your Hebrew studies, practise your conversation skills at every opportunity and perhaps consider getting  involved in charity and volunteer organisations.  This is a fabulous way to begin integrating into the community and to make new friends.

Life has a wonderful way of surprising us. Fantastic opportunities often come in the most unusual of circumstances and from the most unlikely  sources.  Hold your head high, know you are able to offer a meaningful contribution to Israeli society and trust that life will take care of you, bringing you all that you need.

Visualise the ideal outcome that you would like for yourself and then commit to doing what is needed for this to happen with a calm and positive attitude.

To help you make contact with the various employment agencies and information sites in English that specialise in job placements for English mother tongue speakers please find below a list of links.

Full List Of Links To English Employment Websites…

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