Tel Aviv Handyman services – Female Plumbers, carpenters, house movers, electricians etc

network of tradeswomen for women

network of tradeswomen for women

The Womens Professional Service Network is a network of over 80 experienced TRADESWOMEN providing household serivces,repairs and maintainence FOR women by women.  

Currently in the Tel Aviv  network are experienced female plumbers, carpenters, painters, general repairs, mechanics, taxi drivers, fridge & washing machine repairs, electricians, technicians, appliance installlations, house renovators and every week the list of available services continues to grow.

If you would prefer a female tradeswoman to do a job in the home for you then this service is now available.  Call 03 516 7664 for more details.  

Ladies, please spread the word of this amazing new service and female tradeswomen please consider joining the network, the phones are running hot. Your services are in great demand!! 

Operating for 5 months, the idea for the Womens Professional Serivce Network came to Iris Stern-Levy, after a woman, raped in her home by a fridge repairman, commented that she wished there were tradeswomen who could carry out any future repairs for her.

Iris thought it was a brillaint idea, did some research and The womens Professional Service Network was born.  Presently, customer service and bookings are through The sexual assult crisis centre in Tel aviv who is sponsoring the successful new project.

 The Womens Professional Service Network is a brilliant new service now available in for women in Tel Aviv and surrounding areas.  

To book a female tradeswoman or to register with the newtwork if you are a female tradesperson please call 03 5167664

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