Madboojah Project & The Incredible Rajasthan Gypsies playing live at the Barby

Two mesmerizing live shows in one night

 Madboojah Project, arguably the most popular ethno – electric band in Israel and globally acclaimed  Shye Ben Tzur and The Rajasthan Gypsies, currently in Israel on a sell out concert tour,  have teamed up to offer music fans a ‘one show only’ mega performance at the Barby Wednesday 10th November.  

Celebrating the release of their second album, Madboojah Project, enjoy a huge following both locally and abroad. They  combine styles and gain inspiration from Eastern Europe, Jamaica and Ireland & infuse phat beats to create a powerful uplifitng electronic party vibe. Couple that with Shye Ben Tzur & The Rajastani Gypsies  mesmerizing fusion of magical melodies and exotic sounds from different traditions and cultures, this event will be nothing short of spectacular.

Its a privledge to see these two amazing groups perform under the same roof, in one show. Go  join the party, go be inspired, go  let your hair down, go and enjoy an night of absolute quality entertainment.

When:  Wednesday 10th November

Where:  The Barby Tel Aviv, Kibutz Galuyot

Doors Open:  20: 00 pm  Show Starts: 21.00 pm

Cost:  Pre -Sale 100 nis          On the door: 120 nis

For Bookings OR More Information:  052- 3499 565   OR  054-4280 370


Tel Aviv Hosts Indian Music Extravaganza

Shye Ben-Tzur & The Incredible Rajasthan Gypsies Tour Israel With Their


 ‘Rajasthan Magical Tour’  It’s the name on the lips of music lovers across the nation at the moment. Absolutely everyone is talking about it.  Or at least it seems that way.  No matter where I go in Tel Aviv, I hear people excitedly talking about the upcoming Oct- Nov concerts. On the bus, the train, a cafe, a yoga class, honestly, its like the buzz word in the city right now.

After a hugely successful sell out concert on their last visit to the holyland,  Israels’ music fans are beside themselves with excitement at having the opportunity once again to be mesmerised by this truly enchanting  ensemble of musical talent. 

Shye Ben-Tzur, a talented Israeli composer, producer and musician living in India, creates his music by combining traditional Sufi sounds, Rajasthani beats and Western elements.  The mix of genres, languages and beats totally captivates and entrances all who have the privledge to listen.  ‘It is a thrilling experience to attend one of these performances, its incredibly moving ‘ is one womans explanation of  her last Shye Ben-Tzur concert experience. 

Both local and global music critics enthusiastically agree without doubt, that Shye is one of the most original and exciting cross-cultural artists working today. ‘He leads the exceptional musicians from India and Israel with talent and charm, in performances that leave you spellbound, wanting more’  said one critic.

In Tel Aviv, Shye Ben-Tzur & The Incredible Rajasthan Gypsies are performing at  Zappa  on Saturday, October 30th as part of the Tel Aviv Music Festival.  doors open 9.00pm  concert starts 10pm.  

By popular demand, thankfully, there’s more than one concert in Israel this time. Performances will be held at a number of venues around the nation. And much to the delight of  local musicians,  there’s also an opportunity to attend an intimate hands-on vocal/beat workshop & encounter with Shye Ben-Tzur and the Rajasthani musicians beforeone of  the concerts.   

So do get on and book your tickets pronto, word on the street is, this is one concert you dont want to miss.

You can purchase tickets all their concerts in Israel through Mister Ticket  or by calling the venues direct.  Concert venues, dates and ticket booking information are listed below.

Tour Dates, Locations  & Booking Information

Saturday Oct 30th 

 Zappa   Tel Aviv   (standing concert)
Doors Open 21:00   Concert begins 22:00

99NIS in advance, 119NIS at entrance

Thursday Nov 4th 

Pitriya  Kibbutz Dan  (standing concert)
Doors open 22:00   Concert Begins 23:00

65NIS in advance (student), 70NIS in advance, 80NIS at entrance


Saturday Nov 6th   

Berale    Lehavot Haviva Kibbutz  (standing concert)
Doors open 20:00   Concert Begins 22:00  

89NIS in advance, 109NIS at entrance


Tuesday Nov 9th   

Baroque  Be’er Sheva  (standing concert)
Doors Open 21:00   Concert begins 22:00

59NIS in advance (first 100tks), 69NIS in advance, 89NIS at entrance


Friday Nov 12th     

 Hemdat Yamim – near Moshav Sheffer on the way to Zefat

(intimate acoustic concert at sundown in one of  most beautiful places in Israel)

Doors open 16:00   Concert Begins 17:00  
Hemdat Yamim 80NIS in advance (70NIS for students/soldiers), 90NIS at entrance

*Vocal/beat workshop & encounter with Shye Ben-Tzur and the Rajasthani musicians – unique opportunity for an intimate hands-on workshop before the concert     Meeting @ 13:00  Start 14:00

Workshop for concert ticket-holders 40NIS
Workshop alone 80NIS

Tickets for all concerts may also be purchased  at MisterTicket

For more Information or bookings also call  052-7782712

Israel Theatre with English Subtitles

English speakers can now enjoy the delights of Israel theatre


Tel Aviv’s  Cameri theatre has recently been installed with technology that provides simultaneous English translations of their stage productions. 

‘It is absolutely wonderful’says Bela  a long time Cameri theatre enthusiast. ‘ My son married an Australian girl and with Cameri’s new service I am now able to share Israel theatre with her.’  

Located at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Complex near the New Israeli Opera, the Municipal Library and the Tel Aviv Museum is  The Cameri, Tel Aviv’s  municipal theatre.

The Cameri boasts 5 auditoriums and offers a modern, vibrant and friendly atmosphere for theatre lovers.  The theatre’s company includes eighty of Israel’s finest actors along with celebrated directors from Israel and abroad.

For bookings call box office:  972-3-6061960 or 972-3-6060900    e-mail:

Cameri Theatre English Translation December Program Schedule

Day Date Time Show
Tue 9/12/08 21:00 Oh God
Sat 13/12/08 21:00 Games in the Back Yard
Tue 16/12/08 20:30 Thrill My Heart
Thu 18/12/08 20:30 The Return to Haifa
Sun 21/12/08 20:30 Fiddler on the Roof
Tue 23/12/08 20:30 Fiddler on the Roof
Sat 27/12/08 21:00 Thrill My Heart

Cameri theatre website – In English          Israel travel  guide

Cameri Theatre now offers simultaneous  english translations with its productions

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Tel Aviv THE must visit city!! Awesome video clip

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. This great video clip on Tel aviv does just that!!!  

Highlighting the fabulous-ness of Tel Aviv. the clip gives a magnificent overview of what to expect when you come to visit this amazing city !!  Dont take my word for it though, watch the video yourself and listen to the comments by visitors interviewed.  

If you are into adventure, goodtimesgreat food, beachesmarkets, history and discovering fantastic travel destinations Tel Aviv is  definately the place to visit.  The people are warm, friendly and open minded.  Whether gay, straight, women travelling solo, newly weds, families or party goers, you will be warmly welcomed and will, I promise love it here!!

The city that never sleeps.. You’ll Love It

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‘Pre loved’ Fashion Sale 5-6th September

pre loved clothes are the new fashion statement

pre loved clothes are the new fashion statement

Here is some information on a second hand clothes sale happening in Tel Aviv  on the first weekend of September.  Im not sure how big an affair it will be, but it could be a fun  way to wile away an hour of two of your weekend if discovering unique and funky additions for your wardrobe is on your list of enjoyable things to do. 

Promising lots of cool items for both men & women and all at ridiculous prices, the sale of these ‘pre loved’ pieces runs Friday & Saturday 5-6th September.  Friday 11-5pm  and  Saturday 12- 6pm.  

All are welcome to attend the event.  The sales motto is ‘who comes first wins’

Address:  In the ‘mo – ah Hagof’   12 Frantzoiz Street.  (between florentine to Jaffa) 

More Details:  Limor 052-3320257   or  Avital  050-6866120

For other exciting israel adventures try I found it a great site for travel tips and ideas for day trips. It has endless pages of interesting info on both Tel aviv and Israel.

Israeli Cinema for English Speakers

Multi Award winning Israeli movie The bubble released in 2006

The bubble - released in 2006 received a number of highly respected awards in world cinema

For quality entertainment, venture into one of Tel Aviv’s  airconditioned cinemas, Israeli movies are fantastic! 

There is nothing more blissful than waking up to another sunny day in paradise, its heaven. Though truth is, in a glorious mediteranian summer in Israel, there are also moments  when escaping the heat is a priority on all our minds.

For these occassions as well as the balmy evenings when you simply feel like a light meal and an easy night, the cinema is the perfect solution. 

Recently, Tel Aviv cinemas have begun providing english sub titles with many israeli movie screenings allowing non hebrew speakers to join locals, relax in  the airconditioning and enjoy the quality entertainment on offer.

Israeli cinema is wonderful.  Brilliant actually, in my opinion. Talented script writers, directors, actors and actresses bring the uniqueness of Israeli life to the big screen with style, passion and a sense of realism thats rarely experienced with hollywood flicks.

Whether a new resident, visiting business man/woman or tourist, the cinema experience not only provides an hour of great entertainment its a gentle unintimidating way to connect with the local community and experience Israel and its people from a different perspective, a more subtle level. 

The Bands Visit  - released to the big screen in 2007 won world wide acclaim

The Bands Visit - released to the big screen in 2007 won world wide acclaim and a number of international cinema awards

 The insights available are truly incredible. While its common knowledge the majority of the populaton are connected by religious heritage, lesser known are the vast differences of cultures within this united whole.  

Israel is one huge and deliciously interesting melting pot of characters from every corner of the world. The moroccans, russians, ethiopians, polish, georgians, argentinians (just to name a few) are all little sub communities within the nation. 

Each with their own deeply loved traditions, habits and ways of being, doing, living, eating, making music and even dancing, they create a unique identity for themselves within the greater community and for the past 60 years they have together, been building a nation that respects and honours all, enabling co existence with dignity and joy. 

Its not the easiest of tasks. Many challenges have and continue to, present themselves along the way and cinema is a way these are expressed and shared.  It could take years of living in Israel to distinguish the many different sub communities, however, cinema in many senses, offers a fast track. 

Turn Left At The End Of The World released 2005 also won the hearts of international movie critics winning numerous international cinema awards

Turn Left At The End Of The World released 2005 also won the hearts of international movie critics winning numerous international cinema awards

Local movie story lines, sometimes heartbreakingly serious other times absolutely hilarious, but always creatively expressed, often revolve around community issues. Offering thought provoking messages, they are a fantastic way to begin to grasp the challenges faced by this young nation.

The Israeli’s are magificent movie makers. Brilliant at depicting the characters of their nation, their ability to both laugh at themselves and lovingly accept the unique differences of the sub communities are qualities that transform beautifully into movie scripts. 

Vibant, colourful and very real, proud fiery moroccans, loveable yet meddlesome polish mothers, penny pinching persians and ostentatious Arse-im are just a few characters portrayed on the big screen over the years.   

Israeli cinema is a way to connect to the people, the families, the tragedies, the unique israeli characteristics and indeed the very heart and soul of the people of the holy land.

Treat yourself. Its Highy Reccomended!

 Click here to find a Tel Aviv Cinema near you.  Give them a call to confirm when there is an english sub title screening. There are numerous cinemas in Tel Aviv and all are accessible.

For more information on Israel visit

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