Tel Aviv Hosts West African Groove Concert

Tel Aviv Get Ready To Shake Your Booty. 

 Sidiki Camara * Palm Tree Dancers * DJ Idan K


This weekend Tel Avivians have an opportunity to be tantalised mesmerized and absolutely thrilled by performances of some of West Africa’s most talented artists.

Tam Tam is proudly hosting a concert by internationally acclaimed artist Sidiki Camara, one of Mali’s leading contemporary percussionists.  Also performing is the outstanding Israeli directed & choreographed Ghana Dance troupe ‘the Palm Tree Dancers’ 

Held in the very popular club Comfort 13,  the evening  promises to be an incredibly upbeat, vibrant and colourful West Africa celebration. Sidiki a master percussionist is famous for seducing the crowd with his upbeat style of Modern Manding Music and the Palm Tree Dance Troupe, a musical/dance ensemble will absolutely thrill you with their outrageously high energy performance.



In the grand finale’ of the celebration, the audience will find themselves shaking their toots with the stars as the musicians and dancers, under the direction of DJ Idan K will move down from the stage for an interactive party with the audience.  This is sure to be an amazing event’ says Joseph a long time West African music fan,  ‘the energy of an authentic west african celebration stays with you long long after the event is over’ 

Sidiki Camara & The Palm Tree Dance Theatre  (one show only)

When:  Saturday 29th Nov

Time:   8.30pm

Where:   Comfort 13   13 Comfort Street  Florentine   South Tel Aviv 

Cost:  60 NIS 

Tickets: Tam Tam   03-7511951   OR   052-8088898  Email


What/Who is Tam Tam:   Tam Tam is the largest organization for West-African culture in Israel.  The brainchild of Pierre Chaillan, “ole hadash” from France who is the spiritual son of the most famous west-African drummer, the great master Mamady Keita.   Located in Ramat-Gan, TamTam provides drum lessons, workshops with several drumming/ dancing masters and African drum sales and repairs. The centre also organises drumming/dancing workshops in Africa as well as acting as booking agent for African bands preforming in Israel festivals, concerts and numerous national cultural events.

Sidiki Camara: Is regarded as one of the leading contemporary percussionists of Mali. He is also considered one of the founders of the modern current of Manding music.  He has traveled the world performing as featured percussionist with the National Ballet of Mali and has also performed and recorded many famous artists including Bill Frisell, Habib Koite, Mamady Keita, and the Israeli percussionist Zohar Fresco.

Palm Tree Dance Theatre:  Directed and choreographed by an Israeli, the internationally acclaimed Palm Tree Dance Theatre is a Musical/Dance/Theatre ensemble, combining African Traditional Ritual dance and music forms with modern Dub, Afrobeat, electronic, classical, world trance and various other artist collaborations.

Join the celebration.. shake that gorgeous tail feather

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Employment for English Speakers in Israel

For the ever growing number of English mother tongue speakers choosing to make Israel their home, the process of finding  employment can be a slow, arduous, challenging and often frustrating task.

English speakers often feel ‘unemployable‘, whilst learning Hebrew, the nations primary language, creating feelings of inadequacy and in some situations, a sense of isolation in the very community they are trying  to become a part of.

Doubts often arise as to whether the move was a good decision and this can really put a dampen on an otherwise exciting and courageous journey of settling in the holy land.

‘Dont be dismayed’ says local employment officer Aviram. ‘While its true that many professionals have difficulty in the beginning, to find  employment in their field of expertise,  there are many many opportunities available for english speakers.

Its important to remain positive and to remind yourself that you bring with you, many wonderful skills from your previous country of residence and are, very much an asset to the country.  

The very fact you that you have made the move to live in a new country is a great indication of the strength of your character. It takes courage to go on such an adventure and more than that it takes both patience and humbleness to deal with the seemingly endless challenges naturally presented to all who make such a move.

The most important thing you can do to help yourself is to remain positive. Keep up with your Hebrew studies, practise your conversation skills at every opportunity and perhaps consider getting  involved in charity and volunteer organisations.  This is a fabulous way to begin integrating into the community and to make new friends.

Life has a wonderful way of surprising us. Fantastic opportunities often come in the most unusual of circumstances and from the most unlikely  sources.  Hold your head high, know you are able to offer a meaningful contribution to Israeli society and trust that life will take care of you, bringing you all that you need.

Visualise the ideal outcome that you would like for yourself and then commit to doing what is needed for this to happen with a calm and positive attitude.

To help you make contact with the various employment agencies and information sites in English that specialise in job placements for English mother tongue speakers please find below a list of links.

Full List Of Links To English Employment Websites…

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TLV..She is just oh so sexy

Life is full of surprises!  And if one is open to them, they can lead you to places, you would never, in your wildest dreams imagine…

It was exactly one of these glorious life surprises that has lead to me living in thriving, vibrant, never sleeping, full power, delicious and never enough moments in the day to do everything TLV!!

Its very exciting to find oneself living in argueably one of the sexiest cities on the planet?  

Tel Aviv is magical. Its incredibly alive & full with outrageousness. Its chic, vibrant, colourful, full on and well… I simply adore it. 

I plan to share tel aviv with you…little by little. As I become more intimate with her, as I learn more of her as I discover her, I will share with you her treasures and unique gifts.   You will come to know her smells, sounds, talents and energy.

But this takes time, for she is mysterious. She is much much more than you can imagine, so much more that you can discover in one  visit or one glance at this blog .   

Tel Aviv is addictive.  Once is never enough.  Tel Aviv will grab you, lure you and entice you and I consider it a great honour to help create your addiction.  I look forward to it.

until your next visit. be well and be happy. 

loving tel aviv

ps: In the meantime, whatever basics you want/need to know about Tel aviv visit    It has been my life saver.  There is good info on TLV and the other cities in Israel. There are also fab links to the railways buses, national park sites, events info… pretty much all i have needed so far.

Tel Aviv shows events music festivals and more

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