Trance Music Lovers.. the global tribe is gathering

Soulclipse Festival 16th – 24th July

Total Solar Eclipse Japan 2009

The longest eclipse in the 21st century will be occuring in July 2009 in India, China and Japan and as usual the global trance tribe is gathering on mass to celebrate the occasion.

For those who missed the magnificently psycadelic Turkey festival in 06, be sure to get your pennies together for this one.  Located on the beautiful Japanese island of  Amami   2009’s festival vision is tipped to be something amazing.

International Trance, House, Techno and chillout DJ’s will be on the decks taking you on a ‘never to be forgotten’ trip, an adventure that may just change your perspective on life forever..

‘The natural phenomenon of a bright noon sky turning  to a dark night,  full of stars is an absolutely mind blowing  experience!! ‘

Tickets go on sale 22nd December 2008.

Amami Island - nature paradise

Festival Location - Amami Island

Amami Island forests

Amami Island forests - nature paradise

 Solar Eclipse website

If there’s only one festival you go to in 2009, make it japan’s solar eclipse  

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Barack Obama The Worlds New Superhero

barak obama super hero


Never one to follow politics, the fact that I stayed up all night with eyes glued to the screen, watching my first American Presidential election is credit to Barak Obama’s goal to unite and instill hope in the people that change can happen. 

His message went far beyond his nations borders. Regardless of the thousands of miles and many oceans that separate me from the United States Of America, I was there beside you wanting the change. 

Today I am filled with hope for a better world. It was an amazing election, one I feel honoured to have witnessed. John Mc Cains final speech accepting his defeat deserves great credit. It was one of the most honourable and gracious ive seen of any losing apponent in any arena.  A fine example of integrity.

However, this most historic of days was Barak Obama’s. Today, not only in America but around the entire globe, we witnessed, Barak Obama and his team of supporters , bring people out of their homes to stand united for change.  He and everyone who voted proved that if we let our voices be heard, if we shout loud and strong through the ballot box, there is hope for a better world.  We can make a difference, but Its up to us to speak.  Democracy works!

All nations need leaders of this calibre and citizens around the world need to come together to support quality leaders to get to the decision making chair. There is much to do in the years ahead to make our world a place we can proudly pass onto our children. There are many changes that need to be made and sacrafices we need to be prepared to accept if we are to create a reality where peace and prosperity is available for all.  

There is a long way to go, but todays result was one giant step on the road to potential global change and one we can all look to and remember whenever the going gets tough and hope begins fading from our hearts.

Thank you Barak Obama and more importantly Thank You America.  Be very proud. I am.  You won me today, I have become America’s newest fan.

Congratulations ! 

Peace and love.. are we capable of it


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