Israel Video Clips

Israel, the land of milk and honey is full with beauty. Its everywhere, in the people, the nature, the food, the rich culture, the weather….

This page is dedicated to video clips portraying Israel Beauty. As I discover video gems, I’ll share them with you on this page. It will be udated frequently so be sure to mark it in your favourites if the beauty of Israel gives you the same good feelings as me.

Elat Pool Party clip

To kick off the page, here is a gem for those enjoying israeli beauty of the female kind. This was taken at a pool party in Elat.


The Perfect Snapshot of Tel Aviv – must see !

Loving the city of Tel Aviv?  this will make your heart melt


Heaven On Earth – The sites Of Israel – must see!

The magnificent holyland.. a great look at the beauty of Israel from North to South

Friday’s On Tel Aviv’s Drumming Beach – A great way to see in the shabbat   
If you havent treated yourself to a friday afternoon down on the drumming beach, you have missed one of Tel Aviv’s great institutions   
My Favourite  Pessach (passover) Animation Clip- Brilliant !!!   
I was first sent this clip about 4 years ago, its still the best holiday clip around   

 Blast from the past – Fantastic clip of Israel in 1951 by Air France

Shot to promote flights to israel, its an amazing look at Israel in the 50’s and an interesting look at 50’s attitudes too..


One more of beautiful Boys & Girls

And because I get so many requests.. here’s one more..


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  1. of the many video clips that i download, i always watch those that are very funny *`;

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