Hip Hop Rock & Pop Israel’s newest star plays one show only

One Show Only –  “The Johnny Show”  

December 22nd – The Barby


Singer songwriter Little Johnny has caught the attention of the ‘who’s who’  in the Israeli music world BIG  time. 

Hailed by top radio station DJ’s, famous Israeli musicians and the media as  ‘a boy who’s going places’, Little Johnny’s first album ‘The Johnny Show’ is flying off the shelves in music stores around the nation. Fans of Israel’s newest star cant seem to get enough of his funky upbeat tunes.  

‘The albums a wicked mix of rock pop and hip hop’ said reuvan visiting Israel from London for Hanuka. ‘I cant wait to play it for my mates back home’  Reuvans cousin Sara,  a student at Tel Aviv university adds ‘Every ones talking about his album on Campus..he rocks.. my favourite song  is Mesi Bat Kitah (class party).. ma mush!!’

To celebrate the release of his first album ‘ The Johnny Show’  Johnny, along with Shlomi Shaban, Hadag Nahash, Adi Ulmansky, Sagol 59 , Hadara Levin-Aradi and a host of other amazingly talented  artists who worked on the album will perform a ‘one show only’ concert at the Barby on the 22nd December. 

‘Its going to be a fantastic night, really up beat’ said Avi one of the lads in the music store on disengoff street. ‘It’s rare to get so many talented musicians under one roof  for a performance..its definately a concert you want to go to’ 

Avi explains that each song on Johhny’s album was written and performed with a celebrated Israeli musician and many of them are making guest appearances to perform with Johnny at the concert. ‘It will be a very special night. The diversity of  musical styles  being represented  is outstanding, its pure quality. This is an event  that showcases a super talented young 17 year old musician, but at the same time honours the immense  ‘across the board’ talent of the nation… for us amateurs its proof that dreams can and do come true’

To get a great taster of the incredible mix of music styles that have come together to create the first album of  Israel’s newest musical wonder ‘Little Johnny’  just browse through the myspace links attached to the various artists names throughout this post..  it will help you fully appreciate the diversity and quality of the artists performing on the night.  

See you there!    

The Johnny Show – One Concert Only

Where:  The  Barby –  52 Kibutz Galuyot Street Tel Aviv

When:  22nd December 2008

Time:  22:00 (10pm)

Cost:  70 nis at door     

PRE SALE  –  50 nis  call 03-5188123  OR buy at Abudabi Humus on King George St


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‘Pre loved’ Fashion Sale 5-6th September

pre loved clothes are the new fashion statement

pre loved clothes are the new fashion statement

Here is some information on a second hand clothes sale happening in Tel Aviv  on the first weekend of September.  Im not sure how big an affair it will be, but it could be a fun  way to wile away an hour of two of your weekend if discovering unique and funky additions for your wardrobe is on your list of enjoyable things to do. 

Promising lots of cool items for both men & women and all at ridiculous prices, the sale of these ‘pre loved’ pieces runs Friday & Saturday 5-6th September.  Friday 11-5pm  and  Saturday 12- 6pm.  

All are welcome to attend the event.  The sales motto is ‘who comes first wins’

Address:  In the ‘mo – ah Hagof’   12 Frantzoiz Street.  (between florentine to Jaffa) 

More Details:  Limor 052-3320257   or  Avital  050-6866120

For other exciting israel adventures try  www.aguide2israel.com I found it a great site for travel tips and ideas for day trips. It has endless pages of interesting info on both Tel aviv and Israel.

Tel Aviv Community Meditates together for Gilad Shalit in Rabin Square 1st September


A special meditation is being held in Rabin Square at 8.30pm MONDAY 1st September. The meditation is in honour of Gilad Shalit, a young Israeli soldier who was kidnapped and is still being held by Hamas. Gilad turned 21 on August 28th.

communities coming together

Tel Aviv Community coming together


Whether you are residents of Tel Aviv or are visitors to the city,  you are sincerely invited and encouraged to join a special event being held in Rabin Square, Tel Aviv tonight MONDAY 1st September.

Gilad was a young soldier kidnapped in 2006. August 28th was Gilad’s 21st birthday and he has still not been released and returned to the safety of his family and friends. The purpose of tonights meditation is to, as a community group, focus our intention on his safe return.

What does group meditation do?   

Group meditations are a very beautiful concept.  When alot of people gather together to meditate, the energy of the group vibrates at a much higher level than usual.  When this heightened energy is focussed towards a particular cause/reason/ idea  it can often have very powerful positive results.

Group meditations are held all over the world for different causes and purposes. They are a very personal way for communities to come together and ‘pool their energy’ for a cause close to their hearts. There is a very real sense that you are ‘doing something’ about a problem that you would like to see resolved. You are in a very pure way, being part of the solution, it is a truly special experience. 

 What is a guided meditation?

Guided meditation is very  easy. You are not required to simply focus on your breath, but are instead asked to listen to the words of the meditation leader who will guide you to visualise a story, to create images in your mind to match the story they are speaking of.  Usually, the story will be the postive outcome of the cause/idea/reason everyone has gathered together. 

For example: For world peace one would perhaps visualise conflicting countries coming together and finding solutions. You may be asked to visualise leaders shaking hands on join decisions, to visualise genuine friendship, smiling faces and people signing peace documents.  You may be asked to visualise schools where the conflicting countries children are studying together and having fun in the playgrounds together and you may be asked to visualise people living side by side in harmony and so on and so on.

Young Israeli Soldier Gilad Shalit

Gilad Shalit



 where:                Rabin Square  Tel Aviv

 When:                 8.30pm

 What to bring:  An open heart

 Cost:              FREE







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Groundation Live – Playing Two Shows Tel Aviv

Groundation LIVE in Tel Aviv 17 & 18 August

Groundation LIVE Tel Aviv 17 & 18 August

Big Up to Groundation, the brilliant spiritual roots reggae band will soon arrive in Israel to play LIVE in Tel Aviv for the first time ever.

Hailing from California, Groundation will play 2 shows at The Barby Club, a favourite Tel Aviv live music venue.  

The Barby offers an intimate atmosphere where  you can get up close and personal with the artists, a pefect location to see this funky upbeat Reggae band.

Internationally renowned Groundation promises a unique sound. While roots reggae is their essence, the seemingly natural injection of jazz and dub to their sound has been well recieved by Reggae fans the world over.

With a large fan base and 5 successful albums under their belt, the band is fast becoming one of Reggae musics big stars.

Their message of spirituality and pacifism coupled with a pure and humble spirit  has seen the band gain great respect in the reggae scene,  attracting Reggae lovers of all ages.  Their latest album Upon The Bridge focusses on expressing the growing feeling amongst all on the planet, that the time to act is now. 

Groundation LIVE Tel Aviv 17th & 18th August

Groundation LIVE Tel Aviv 17th & 18th August

A message, it seems, everyone wants to hear. A growing number of music lovers from the wider musical community are coming to enjoy their performances and connect to the Reggae vibe.  A truly fantastic accomplishment since uniting all people through music has always been Reggae musics goal. 

On tour at the moment, playing France, Sweden, Holland, London, Poland and Germany, Groundation’s first Israel visit holds special significance to the band as singer and composer, Harrison Staffords parents  are  members of the Twelve Tribes of IsraelIsrael, lets give these guys a warm welcome.

The Fantastic Sound Of Groundation

Groundation LIVE

Date:     17 & 18th August.

Venue:  Barby Club   52 Kibutz Galuyot, South Tel Aviv

Doors Open:  10.00pm

Tickets:  180 nis door   discounted tickets available online at reggae.co.il  

Need a Taxi?  click here for Tel Aviv taxi numbers  

For more information On Tel Aviv or Israel visit: www.aguide2israel.com

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Israeli Cinema for English Speakers

Multi Award winning Israeli movie The bubble released in 2006

The bubble - released in 2006 received a number of highly respected awards in world cinema

For quality entertainment, venture into one of Tel Aviv’s  airconditioned cinemas, Israeli movies are fantastic! 

There is nothing more blissful than waking up to another sunny day in paradise, its heaven. Though truth is, in a glorious mediteranian summer in Israel, there are also moments  when escaping the heat is a priority on all our minds.

For these occassions as well as the balmy evenings when you simply feel like a light meal and an easy night, the cinema is the perfect solution. 

Recently, Tel Aviv cinemas have begun providing english sub titles with many israeli movie screenings allowing non hebrew speakers to join locals, relax in  the airconditioning and enjoy the quality entertainment on offer.

Israeli cinema is wonderful.  Brilliant actually, in my opinion. Talented script writers, directors, actors and actresses bring the uniqueness of Israeli life to the big screen with style, passion and a sense of realism thats rarely experienced with hollywood flicks.

Whether a new resident, visiting business man/woman or tourist, the cinema experience not only provides an hour of great entertainment its a gentle unintimidating way to connect with the local community and experience Israel and its people from a different perspective, a more subtle level. 

The Bands Visit  - released to the big screen in 2007 won world wide acclaim

The Bands Visit - released to the big screen in 2007 won world wide acclaim and a number of international cinema awards

 The insights available are truly incredible. While its common knowledge the majority of the populaton are connected by religious heritage, lesser known are the vast differences of cultures within this united whole.  

Israel is one huge and deliciously interesting melting pot of characters from every corner of the world. The moroccans, russians, ethiopians, polish, georgians, argentinians (just to name a few) are all little sub communities within the nation. 

Each with their own deeply loved traditions, habits and ways of being, doing, living, eating, making music and even dancing, they create a unique identity for themselves within the greater community and for the past 60 years they have together, been building a nation that respects and honours all, enabling co existence with dignity and joy. 

Its not the easiest of tasks. Many challenges have and continue to, present themselves along the way and cinema is a way these are expressed and shared.  It could take years of living in Israel to distinguish the many different sub communities, however, cinema in many senses, offers a fast track. 

Turn Left At The End Of The World released 2005 also won the hearts of international movie critics winning numerous international cinema awards

Turn Left At The End Of The World released 2005 also won the hearts of international movie critics winning numerous international cinema awards

Local movie story lines, sometimes heartbreakingly serious other times absolutely hilarious, but always creatively expressed, often revolve around community issues. Offering thought provoking messages, they are a fantastic way to begin to grasp the challenges faced by this young nation.

The Israeli’s are magificent movie makers. Brilliant at depicting the characters of their nation, their ability to both laugh at themselves and lovingly accept the unique differences of the sub communities are qualities that transform beautifully into movie scripts. 

Vibant, colourful and very real, proud fiery moroccans, loveable yet meddlesome polish mothers, penny pinching persians and ostentatious Arse-im are just a few characters portrayed on the big screen over the years.   

Israeli cinema is a way to connect to the people, the families, the tragedies, the unique israeli characteristics and indeed the very heart and soul of the people of the holy land.

Treat yourself. Its Highy Reccomended!

 Click here to find a Tel Aviv Cinema near you.  Give them a call to confirm when there is an english sub title screening. There are numerous cinemas in Tel Aviv and all are accessible.

For more information on Israel visit www.aguide2israel.com

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