Tel Aviv Hosts Indian Music Extravaganza

Shye Ben-Tzur & The Incredible Rajasthan Gypsies Tour Israel With Their


 ‘Rajasthan Magical Tour’  It’s the name on the lips of music lovers across the nation at the moment. Absolutely everyone is talking about it.  Or at least it seems that way.  No matter where I go in Tel Aviv, I hear people excitedly talking about the upcoming Oct- Nov concerts. On the bus, the train, a cafe, a yoga class, honestly, its like the buzz word in the city right now.

After a hugely successful sell out concert on their last visit to the holyland,  Israels’ music fans are beside themselves with excitement at having the opportunity once again to be mesmerised by this truly enchanting  ensemble of musical talent. 

Shye Ben-Tzur, a talented Israeli composer, producer and musician living in India, creates his music by combining traditional Sufi sounds, Rajasthani beats and Western elements.  The mix of genres, languages and beats totally captivates and entrances all who have the privledge to listen.  ‘It is a thrilling experience to attend one of these performances, its incredibly moving ‘ is one womans explanation of  her last Shye Ben-Tzur concert experience. 

Both local and global music critics enthusiastically agree without doubt, that Shye is one of the most original and exciting cross-cultural artists working today. ‘He leads the exceptional musicians from India and Israel with talent and charm, in performances that leave you spellbound, wanting more’  said one critic.

In Tel Aviv, Shye Ben-Tzur & The Incredible Rajasthan Gypsies are performing at  Zappa  on Saturday, October 30th as part of the Tel Aviv Music Festival.  doors open 9.00pm  concert starts 10pm.  

By popular demand, thankfully, there’s more than one concert in Israel this time. Performances will be held at a number of venues around the nation. And much to the delight of  local musicians,  there’s also an opportunity to attend an intimate hands-on vocal/beat workshop & encounter with Shye Ben-Tzur and the Rajasthani musicians beforeone of  the concerts.   

So do get on and book your tickets pronto, word on the street is, this is one concert you dont want to miss.

You can purchase tickets all their concerts in Israel through Mister Ticket  or by calling the venues direct.  Concert venues, dates and ticket booking information are listed below.

Tour Dates, Locations  & Booking Information

Saturday Oct 30th 

 Zappa   Tel Aviv   (standing concert)
Doors Open 21:00   Concert begins 22:00

99NIS in advance, 119NIS at entrance

Thursday Nov 4th 

Pitriya  Kibbutz Dan  (standing concert)
Doors open 22:00   Concert Begins 23:00

65NIS in advance (student), 70NIS in advance, 80NIS at entrance


Saturday Nov 6th   

Berale    Lehavot Haviva Kibbutz  (standing concert)
Doors open 20:00   Concert Begins 22:00  

89NIS in advance, 109NIS at entrance


Tuesday Nov 9th   

Baroque  Be’er Sheva  (standing concert)
Doors Open 21:00   Concert begins 22:00

59NIS in advance (first 100tks), 69NIS in advance, 89NIS at entrance


Friday Nov 12th     

 Hemdat Yamim – near Moshav Sheffer on the way to Zefat

(intimate acoustic concert at sundown in one of  most beautiful places in Israel)

Doors open 16:00   Concert Begins 17:00  
Hemdat Yamim 80NIS in advance (70NIS for students/soldiers), 90NIS at entrance

*Vocal/beat workshop & encounter with Shye Ben-Tzur and the Rajasthani musicians – unique opportunity for an intimate hands-on workshop before the concert     Meeting @ 13:00  Start 14:00

Workshop for concert ticket-holders 40NIS
Workshop alone 80NIS

Tickets for all concerts may also be purchased  at MisterTicket

For more Information or bookings also call  052-7782712


Tel Aviv THE must visit city!! Awesome video clip

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. This great video clip on Tel aviv does just that!!!  

Highlighting the fabulous-ness of Tel Aviv. the clip gives a magnificent overview of what to expect when you come to visit this amazing city !!  Dont take my word for it though, watch the video yourself and listen to the comments by visitors interviewed.  

If you are into adventure, goodtimesgreat food, beachesmarkets, history and discovering fantastic travel destinations Tel Aviv is  definately the place to visit.  The people are warm, friendly and open minded.  Whether gay, straight, women travelling solo, newly weds, families or party goers, you will be warmly welcomed and will, I promise love it here!!

The city that never sleeps.. You’ll Love It

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Tel Aviv Gay Scene.

photographer kobi israel

photographer Kobi Israel. Kobi is a talented israeli photographer renowned for his beautiful homoerotic art.


Happily thrust into the lime light of the international gay tourism scene in recent years, Tel Aviv is loving her new  international rainbow status.

Far from being a new phenomenom, Tel Aviv’s vibrant and colourful gay community has been thriving for years. Gay boys, girls, men and women have always contributed positively to the city and are a deeply respected and much loved part of the community.

First time visitor to this years Gay Pride parade put it this way.. ‘No one batters an eyelid when same sex couples wander the streets hand in hand, from your policeman to your granny, everyone seems to support the gay community here in Tel Aviv, its wonderfully refreshing.’ 
Called the ‘city that never sleeps’ Tel Aviv  offers a fantastic vacation destination for those whose purses tinkle with pink pounds. Voted as one of the 10 sexiest cities in the world by the New York times, some say the city rivals New York and London for its non stop action. 
Packed with quality restaurants, atmospheric sidewalk cafes, modern clubs bringing top name DJ’s, lively bars, live music venues, exceptional local and international dance and theatre options, fabulous art galleries and an endless array of designer fashion boutiques,  the city speaks to everyone and with the bonus of a beach on your doorstep and  delicious sunshine 365 days a year, its a city that simply must be experienced.
Proud host of Israels annual Gay pride parade, Tel aviv is a warm, friendly and liberal city. She is one big melting pot of action.  Shes kitch, she classy, shes outrageous, she graceful, she loves to party, she loves to relax and she loves you having a good time.  
Guy, the delightfully sweet owner of Guyoga  has recently returned to tel aviv after living in New York for 9 years where he danced professionally in off broadway shows. He is loving being back in the city and is certain gay visitors will enjoy Tel Aviv.  Guy offers this months tips on his favourite spots in the city for gay visitors.
yoga for english speakers guyoga studio

yoga for english speakers guyoga studio

Guys tips for Tel Avivs Gay Scene

‘Firstly’ says Guy ‘ know you will be well taken care of when you visit this great city. Tel Aviv is very open minded and offers gay beaches, bars, restaurants and clubs where you can easily make friends in the local scene.’  
Shopping/Dining/cafes –  Dizengoff, Ben Yehuda and Shenkin streets are great for shopping, dining and relaxing in cafes.  Cafe Lin on Ben Yehuda street is a favourite in the gay scene. 
Bars – Evita on Yavne Street,  Cedamus Amori bar in Nahalat Binyamin.  Also a gay bar on Gordon beach called Chick beach bar thats a good place to meet new friends.
Clubs – There are some brilliant gay party lines in Tel Aviv. Held usually at Oman 17, 1bar and TLV Club. PAG is a very popular one. These usually run on Friday and Saturday nights. 
RestaurantsRif Raf 22 Gruzenberg street, phone 03-5600039, Orna and Ella , 33 Shenkin street, phone 03 5252085 Brasserie 70 Ibn Gvirol street, phone 03-696 7111  Susanna,  9 Shabazzi street, phone 03- 5177580
Fashion – Moti Hason, Man for Man and all the shops in shenkin st.
Beaches – Hilton beach, Gash beach
Yoga classes in English – Guyoga, 100 Ben yehuda street  of course!!  Phone  03- 529 1595.   We teach our classes in english so please feel very welcome to drop in for a casual class or if you are here longer then we also have monthly passes.  give me a call or visit
For more info on tel aviv’s gay scene click here
View Kobi Israels homoerotic photography.

Boaz Mauda – Oooh La La what a Star

courtesy of keshet TV
courtesy of keshet TV


Israel’s new sweetheart, the gorgeous and very talented Boaz Mauda must be experiencing the adventure of his life.
With the voice of an angel and looks that make your heart melt, Boaz’s entrance into the global music scene looks set to be a huge success.
Girls, guys, mum’s, dad’s, gays, straights and even saucy Nana’s from every corner of the globe are hitting google in unprecedented numbers, desparate to find out more about what the rising star is up to.
NEVER fear, beloved Baoz fans, ‘Addicted to Tel Aviv’ knows how you feel.. so I have come to the rescue..
Here all on one page is all the info you might be looking for. A list of quality websites that can give you the juice on Who is Boaz Mauda, Where he’s from, what his plans are and what he is like as a person..

Israels Sexiest New Superstar..Boaz ringtones,music, photos 

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Tel Aviv Yoga Classes In English

Yoga is very popular in Israel and classes are widely available all around Tel Aviv.  Finding a studio that is able and happy to teach classes in English however,  is another story.

I recently hit the jackpot.  A stones throw away from my house a new studio has opened AND  its teaching classes in English!  

Guyoga is a new studio opened at 100 Ben Yehuda.  Owned and operated by Guy, a delightfully friendly and talented Israeli yogi who has recently returned to Tel Aviv  after a few years living in the USA,.

He brings with him a great concept.  A much needed fusion -fantastic yoga experience taught in english with…outstanding customer service skills. Its sure to be a winner! 

The beautifully designed studio, offers a friendly, intimate atmosphere with professionally trained teachers of both yoga and pilates. There are morning classes of pilates and both morning and evening classes of Mala Yoga, Vinyasa,Power and Ashtanga yoga.

There are a number of membership options, ranging from a  casual daily class costing 50 shekels through to an annual membership pass that allows you to attend as many classes as you choose throughout the year.

I chose the one month membership and am delighted with the value it offers me. I can go to as many classes as I choose for the validity of the membership.  So far I have attended the pilates, mala yoga and the vinyasa and have enjoyed them all. 

Visit Guyoga ENGLISH website:  

For more info on Tel Aviv:

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