Fancy yourself as a bit of a Frank Sinatra..looking for fame?


Audition for a new musical. 


Star in a musical

Star in a musical

Auditions are being held for ‘1776’  The Musical

Director – Batsheva Garnett

Musical Director – Asaf Finkelstein

Casting – Rivkah Asoulin

Producer–  Yisrael Lutnick


Where:       Emunah – 6 Arlozorov Street  Jerusalem   No Appointment necessary

When:        7pm Reccommended Group warm up – Auditions to follow.   9.30pm last sign in.  

Come With:  16 bars of two contrasting songs (broadway musicals preferred)  Head Shot & Resume appreciated

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Realise your dreams..become the star you know you are

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Osho Israel ‘Passion For Meditation’ Workshop

NOV 20-22 'Passion for Meditation' workshop

NOV 20-22 Passion for Meditation workshop

 If you already meditate but yearn to go deeper in your practise or are curious about how meditation can enrich your life then this wonderful weekend workshop may be exactly what you are looking for.

Osho events are always fun, heart opening opportunities. Lovely people, warm energy great music and a gentle peaceful space to immerse oneself in the world of inner exploration.  The ‘Passion For Meditation’ workshops are held throughout the year all over Europe and Asia and are led by Shunyo a truly divine and special soul.

Sharing a weekend in the presense of this exceptional woman offers a delightful treat for the soul. Sensitive, softly spoken and filled with a humbleness I have rarely encountered, Shunyo emanates the unconditional love and joyful acceptance of life we all aspire to develop on our personal journeys.

Accompanying her and playing a heavenly mix of light playful sounds to support meditators on their journey within is Marco, an immensely talented musician who has been playing live music in Osho communes around the globe since 1979.   

Shunyo & Marco

Shunyo & Marco

Passion For Meditation weekend workshop will be held in the Om Centre at Kibutz -Bet Oren located 10 mintues from Haifa or approximately an hours drive  north of Tel Aviv.   The Om centre is a peaceful mountain hideaway offering modern facilities, comfortable accommodation, magnificent views and clean fresh mountain air. 

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PASSION FOR MEDITATION – Weekend Meditation Workshop

When:  November 20 -22    

Start:  Thurs 5pm – Sat 6pm

Where:  Beit Oren

Cost:  1350 nis  includes accommodation & meals for the 3 days

Bookings & information:  Call Kohra 052-8883040 

INFORMATION EVENING: Nov 17th 8pm No Mind Centre  (Menachem Begin Road 55 7th Floor) 40 nis


Osho Celebrations Meditations & learning..

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Amazing New Personality Test

Knowing ourselves more deeply is one of lifes greatest adventures. The journey offers invaluable insights into how to live our truth and naturally brings a deeper sense of joy to our hearts.  

courtesy of

courtesy of

Learning and understanding our strengths and weaknesses, we begin to love and accept ourselves more authentically, enabling the unique and precious soul that resides within to blossom and flourish.

We are all, each and every one of us, incredible souls. We all have the opportunity to shine brightly on our journey through life. We can all leave our planet a better place if we able to know ourselves and learn to love that person without conditions.  

One way to begin this process is via personality tests. Not all tests are great, in fact many on the Internet are just fluffed up blah blah, but recently I found one on a Kabbalah site thats results I found both intriguing, wholesome and helpful. is a kabbalah site created by Rabbi Oimer Yisroel Furmanski.  He developed a step-by-step approach to teaching Kabbalah and Chassidic thought, and a testing device for personality analysis with an emphasis on personal growth and development that is the basis of the Atzmi system. 

‘In Hebrew, the word atzmi (written עצמי) has two separate but related meanings. In everyday speech, it means “me,” “my self,” “my very essence.” And this is what the Atzmi system is all about—who you are, and how you can improve and develop your true, essential inner self’ ‘  states the website.

Taking the test is simple and very easy to do and the results are really interesting.  If getting to know your  strengths and weaknesses why not give it a try. 

The Kabbalah centre in Tel aviv also offers courses in English for those interested in learning Kabbalah. The internationally renowned centre, located behind dizengoff square is open to all. Everyone is welcome. If you feel a little curious, then just pop in and pick up some brochures or speak to one of the volunteers, they are a really friendly and warm bunch of people.

Life is like a roller coaster ride.. ups and downs and ups and…

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